Sunday, May 30, 2010

Too early Sunday

I helped Zach mow up on the back hill on Thursday, made numerous trips up and down the basement stairs on Friday and Saturday and now my knees scream at me every time I get up.  I hate being nagged like that.  I had hoped to get the garden tilled yesterday but it didn't happen.  I was going to just do the raised garden thing and Tom insisted that the ground has to be turned under it or the grass will grow through so I figured what's the point of doing the raised bed then?  So I'm still waiting for the tiller.

Hopefully it will happen today.  If not, I'm tempted to just forget the whole thing.  I have other things I want to plant in the pots so it's a bit frustrating not getting the garden going so I can free up those pots.  I also need to plant the front flower bed.  My knees aren't happy about that but it needs to be done.

Not to mention I'm so behind on the house cleaning.  Long weekends mean more work for me because it's hard to clean with people underfoot and I get behind with house work.  Although I did manage to get 4 loads of clothes washed and line-dried so far.  And a lot of reading done.

I wanted to sleep in today as I didn't get to bed until after 3 but Professor wanted outside in the worst way and not for a potty break.  No, he wanted to lounge on the steps and survey his domain so I'm up and still sleepy.  I'll probably nap a lot like I did yesterday. 

I completely wore out yesterday afternoon after working quite a while doing kitchen and laundry stuff.  I couldn't move.  I laid down on the bed and dozed a bit but it was late afternoon before the energy returned enough for me to finish up the laundry and set the borders for the garden.  It still was a lot more work than I'm used to but that midday loss of energy was so complete that I was helpless to do anything beyond lying on the bed.  I couldn't read, knit or even watch tv.  I just laid there.

I did manage to knit a few rows on February Lady Sweater but nothing on Helm's Deep.  I'm debating when to break off for the center and start the other half.  I think I'm at the halfway point but I'm not sure how I want to do the break.  Just stockinette or something fancy schmancy.  I should probably look at the pattern to see how they did it.

I'm hoping to get more stuff done today.  I'm trying to push myself to work past my fatigue and maybe build up some stamina.  I'm hoping to take Professor on a walk today.  Poor guy has gained so much weight over the winter because I didn't walk him and he's such a snack hound.  Won't eat dog food at all.  Although he's not getting the snacks right now, hoping he'll lose some of that poundage.  Me, I need to lose a lot of poundage and walking him would help that a bit.

Off to fix breakfast because my stomach is growling.  I've had one cup of coffee (decaf) but I need something substantial.


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