Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day

I think I am going to make it through this flu but I'm not going to make it to church tomorrow.  I had an incredibly busy day with errands and shopping and stuff that I didn't really get a chance to rest so I'm taking tomorrow off.  Plus I didn't finish Bette's sweater yet and I'm a bloody coward.

When we got home this afternoon from getting Zach's new glasses, a trip to the library and a stop off at our church's rummage sale, one of the remaining two dining room chairs was upended with one of the legs obviously broken off.  We got the set over 20 years ago and by means of attrition were down to just two chairs left.  So we headed to town to look at tables.  Shopko was having a huge sale on furniture so we got a farm table with the height taller than a dining room table, shorter than an espresso table and four chairs for almost $200 off.

Now I'm rethinking the stove because I don't want to use up all the tax refund.  I have to save back a large portion to pay the second installment on the property taxes.  And we really need a new front door as this one won't stay latched.  The paper boy, many years ago, didn't shut it one morning when he put the paper in the door and the wind caught it and ripped it out of the frame and warped it.  We have very strong winds in this neck of the woods.

Tom really wants a kayak but it might come to a choice between the two.  To be honest, I've lived with the stove like this for a couple of years so I think he should get the kayak.  The stove still works hinge on the door is broken.  I rarely need to use the oven because I have the toaster oven so I think he should get the kayak and we'll get the stove next year.

I didn't get anything planted today and I'm not sure I will tomorrow as the house has gotten away from me these past few flu-ridden weeks and now with putting the old dining table outside, I need to do some cleaning up out there as well.  We're going to use the dining table to put my seedlings on until I can get them in the ground (they start their lives completely outside tomorrow) and I have some herbs to start in big pots that would do well to remain out of reach of our many small furry creatures that roam our yard at night.  I'll give you a hint...they hop a lot.

I picked up just a few things at the rummage sale.  Two very small dreamcatchers and a gold foil engraving picture kit that Tom likes to do.  And two Jerusalem star plants for my prairie garden.  I think I'm going to plant the echniacea bulbs in the prairie garden as well, but I'm going to plant my flowers in some window boxes and keep them in Zach's old wagon that has been inhabiting in the garage lo, these past 11 years.  I'm also putting the remaining dining room chair in the front yard and will put the bird feeder on it with some potted plants around the bottom of it.  The wagon will go next to it to hide the area in front of my bedroom window that refuses to grow anything.

I've also been digging through my art supplies and hope to get back to that along with some other projects I'm thinking of spending my time on.  But first I have to get organized, clean the house and start making room in the garage for a workshop for Tom.

Tonight, however, is for Waking the Dead until I can fall asleep.  And since I've seem to have stopped all this coughing, maybe a full night's sleep as well.


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knittingdragonflies said...

Hope your over the flu totally soon!
I haven't gotten out in the garden and planted yet. You are ahead of me.
Tough choice oven, door or kayak?
Good luck