Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feeling more like myself

What a difference 8 hours of sleep makes!  I wasn't bouncing off the walls, but I did have energy to accomplish some things today.  I had things in at the library (Ballykissangel) so I made a trip and picked up some things from StuffMart while I was at it.  I got two molded plastic chairs in an ecru color for the back yard area I'm setting up.  I didn't want white because it would look too stark but ecru was a good choice.  No pictures because I'm not done yet.  It won't look like something that belongs in a magazine but it will still be a nice place.

I had picked up some bungi cords to wrap around the table to keep the tablecloth on but it's not long enough so I need to grab another one next time I go.  No special trip though. 

I did some more work with the weed eater although there is still a bit to go.  I need to work on cleaning up the compost area.  The lid broke off during the winter so I've got a plywood sheet over it but it's warped and bowing now so I need to figure out something else to cover it with.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some cooking and baking.  I haven't felt like doing anything for so long I've got to be sure I don't overdo it and end up back where I started.  But staying in and baking sounds like something I can accomplish.

I'm thinking of working on this Tree of Life blanket instead of the afghan squares. I'm pretty sure I have enough and it would look good on my bed so I can curl up under it while knitting and watching tv or reading.  Of course I'll have to fight the pets for it, but I am bigger than they are so I should win.  At least I would if they would fight fair but their soulful eyes always seem to defeat me.

Sweet and Sour chicken tonight...from a box.  I'm not that back in shape yet.  Zach and I did have a good talk today about getting in shape and eating better so I got healthful snacks and plan on cooking better.  Hence the notion about baking tomorrow.  I thought maybe bread sticks.  Or flat bread.  Something along those lines.

I came home weighed down with library books and dvds.  I got A Beautiful Mind about John Nash.  The movie is on one of the premium channels right now but I'd rather read the biography first.  I got a book on drawing and painting, a Stephen Lawhead book (Patrick) and another Ehrman book. Should keep me busy for a few days.  The dvds are Midsomer Murders, set 12 because it's been a while (Monday) since I've seen any, McCleod's Daughters (I've been wanting to see it but they didn't have season 1) and of course, Ballykissangel, season 1.  I should get a lot of knitting done in the next two weeks.

Off to eat supper and then crawl into bed.


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