Sunday, July 27, 2008

The sound of crickets chirping

Sorry for all the silence. I didn't realize it had been nearly a month since I last blogged. Time really does fly when you're having fun performing various tasks that involve lots of heavy cleaning...and weeding.

I've been spinning away on 16 oz of Welsh Top that is shedding all over my house. I need to vacuum daily at least although I'm trying to get by using my carpet sweeper instead. And since I limit my spinning to my bedroom, it's not like anyone really sees it but me. I'm pretty pleased with how well it's spinning up and how well I seem to be doing. I've got about 6 oz done so far. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it although I'm thinking of making a purse out of it since it's a sturdy yarn. I'm going to learn dyeing on it but don't yet know what color or what type of dye to use yet. That's still a ways away. I'd love to get some pre-dyed roving just for the fun of it, but that's also a ways away.

I have an online support group in Ravelry that deals with people hurt by religious zealousness that has been taking up a lot of my emotional energy. I'm amazed by how many people there are out there and just how nice they are. Plus, I'm so pleased with the amount of respect we've been given by the Ravelry community. No gawkers have shown up and no one has shown up there to challenge the rules. Knitters really are super people.

Anyway, the ILFB (I Left Fundamentalism Behind) group is doing a charity knitalong for preemie hats so I've been knitting away on those. I also have a baby sweater I need to get busy on that I'll donate to the Food Pantry. And I'm working on BYOB from Knitty for my Secret Sister at church. It's not really in her colors though so I might have to make another one after this and just keep this one. This one is a peach, ecru and green variegated cotton because I just didn't feel like changing colors a lot. Her favorite color is blue but since the green has some bluish hue to it, she might get this one and I'll make myself another one later.

My prairie garden is coming along. I've "captured" two different kinds of daisies, some periwinkle blue flower that I haven't identified yet and a Black-eyed Susan. Zach planted some herbs today in a window box in his bedroom and he has some seeds left over so I'm going to take another large pot and plant an indoor herb garden. Next year I'm going to have a bigger one outdoors along with a veg garden. I'm going to have to prepare it this year because I don't think the soil is in very good shape.

Zach and I have been studying Celtic spirituality lately and have really found what we've been looking for. I feel like I've finally made a breakout from the paralysis that has kept me from making progress with my spiritual growth. I'll talk more about it in another post because I'm still sorting some of it out, but it is really blowing my mind with new things to think about and new ways to see things.

I'm off to find the kitchen counters again. I take off one afternoon from cleaning and the house goes beyond the health standards.