Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More not getting anything done

Still cold and gloomy with promises of warmer temperatures in the future.  I'm back to using the furnace intermittently because somehow the cooler temps feel colder after having that delicious warmth.

Yesterday, minutes after I went through the main intersection in town, coming home from errands and shopping, a semi hit and killed a man.  I have no idea what happened or what the order of events were, but that intersection can get a bit scary, especially for pedestrians.  I might have to get the town paper next week to see what happened.  Unfortunately there are limited options to get through town except for that intersection. 

I'm back to not sleeping well which means I'm dragging my butt instead of being productive.  It really makes me feel lousy about myself when I'm not doing what I want and need to do.  Last night I went to sleep all right but woke up a few hours later and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and cleaned up the kitchen a bit and went online for a short while.  I got sleepy enough to go back to sleep and slept until noon but I'm totally without any energy and will have to push myself to fix supper. 

I'll try again tomorrow.

I worked a bit on the Helm's Deep shawl last night while watching Waking the Dead, season 4, which is cool and probably the only episodes I actually saw on BBCA a few years back.  I got A Touch of Frost season 5 yesterday so that should get me through the week.  In between times I'm watching Farscape with all the documentaries and commentaries.  I love that show.  Eventually I'll get Peacekeeper's Wars but for now, I'll have to get that from the library when I get to that.

I had planned on working with my pencils today but my brain is toast again due to lack of sleep so I'll try that again tomorrow as well.

My re-potted plants are still looking good but they will need water tomorrow.  And I hope to finish re-potting the rest tomorrow as well.

Part of me just wants to stay in bed for a week.  I'm still coughing although not nearly as much.  No fever though and no difficulty breathing so I guess this just takes a while to get over.  We should make it to church this Sunday.  Unless I'm up all night in which case no way will I try to drive without sleep. 

I'd love to take a nap before supper but I suspect that will mean I'll be up until dawn waiting to get sleepy again.  Something has to give and soon.


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knittingdragonflies said...

I hate it when my sleeping pattern is screwed up! Nothing is right. Hope your back to normal soon.