Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still warm but not smothering like it was

I slept for 13 hours last night with only minor interruptions, such as trips to the bathroom.  And I'm still tired.  I went to the store today to pick up my prescriptions and forgot to pick them up.  But I did make it to the library so I have some books to read that aren't boring.  And Blue Murder to watch as well.  I probably won't finish up Midsomer Murders set 12 and McLeod's Daughters before they're due back but I can get them again and just pick up where I left off.  Unless I can renew them.

I'm debating whether to go back to get my meds tonight or wait until tomorrow.  I have big plans for tomorrow and don't want to interrupt it, but I'm also pretty tired and don't want to go out again tonight.  In fact, I'm thinking of going to bed after supper, which I haven't started yet.

Okay, tomorrow it is.  I'll go in the afternoon so I can get my garden started in the cool of the morning.  I got some dirt but I think it will cost too much to have a raised bed garden.  I plan on using the soil to till into the clay to make it better for growing.  I just have to get a tiller first.  And that will probably have to wait until Saturday since Tom has been taking the truck to work now that it's fixed.  Dang.  I don't want to wait that long.  My fault though as Tom was willing to till it last weekend.

Actually I could wait until Friday to pick up my meds.  I'm not out yet.  I may do that one instead so I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

I've done next to no knitting the past couple of days and don't really feel like it tonight although I might after I crawl into bed.  I'll work on the Tree of Life blanket for a bit so I don't go too long in between times.  I tend to forget where I was and have a hard time picking it up again.  Then maybe I'll do a round or two on the shopping bag.  But definitely an early night tonight.

Tomorrow plotting the garden and maybe I can break it up enough to just put the soil on top, then laundry, unless it rains, and clean the kitchen.  If I can get all that done, it would be amazingly more than I've accomplished in a week.  I hate this damned fatigue.  I have so much I want to do.

I think I'll get Zach to mow tomorrow before I plot out the garden though and then I can work on my fairy garden, too.

But for now, supper needs to be cooked and then to bed.


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