Saturday, May 8, 2010

Midspring winter

Brrrrr...I have the furnace on.  And I think I lost the tomato seedlings, all of them.  The green pepper seedlings are doing okay and so are the remnants of the tobacco, but the tomatoes...not so good.  I guess I'll have to go with plants from the store after all. 

I've been thinking of doing a raised bed as we're under deluge right now and no telling when the ground would be dry enough to till.  But buying dirt isn't inexpensive.  And I would need something to bolster up the sides.  I've got some 2 x 2s but I'm not sure they are tall enough.  We do have fencing but I still need something to border all the dirt.  I'm sure concrete blocks are expensive, too.  Time is ticking away and I have to decide soon.

I finished up the vest for Bette.  I hate the neckline but at this stage, I also hate the whole vest anyway and can't care enough to redo it.  She wants it tomorrow so she can take her Mother's Day pictures in it.  I suspect she'll be disappointed in it.  I know I was.

I'm working on the Helm's Deep shawl and really liking it, except I'm using acrylic which won't block so the lacey parts look a bit wavy but I think the weight of it will hold them open enough when on my shoulders.  I think I gave up on the christening dress.  It's not like I was knitting it for anyone...just a way to improve my skills.  I also got my pencils out this weekend and am working on some basic stuff.  I might get my acrylics out next week but it's too dark and damp right now.

I also got my kick spindle out last night and did some spinning.  I had forgotten how relaxing that is.  I must take the time each day to work on that. Although it's taken me about a year, I'm almost done with the Welsh Top which I plan on dyeing.  It's a sturdy yarn so probably not good for anything next to the skin, but maybe an open-weave jacket or something.  Maybe something crocheted.  Something to think about anyway.  Then I might look at getting something softer to spin next time.

I've got laundry to do today in addition to cleaning.  I got behind because of the flu/bronchitis so right now the work load seems so overwhelming.  If I can handle it one step at a time, maybe I won't get so stressed out. 

Off to make my bed and get the clothes out of the dryer.



mjwehrer said...

I pulled out my spinning wheel today, too - although it's easily been 20 years since I last spun : ) I had nowhere to get fleece/roving til I discovered the internet (and more excuses). I was amazed at how calming it was, and how I had no urge to be on the computer or anywhere else as I spun. Need to do more of that!
Hope your weather clears up and the plants do well!

knittingdragonflies said...

I'm missing using my wheel. I know it is relaxing in a different way then knitting. I don't have to "think" and hey if I screw up, it is "art yarn" ha
I'm sure the vest will look good.
Happy Mothers Day!

Kathy said...

I would love to have a wheel but they are so expensive that I just can't justify it for now. Plus I have no room for one unless I get a travel wheel. While my kick spindle isn't very fast, it's so comfortable to use. I can sit on the bed or the couch and prop my feet up and spin with my hand.

And in the long run, for now at least, it's more about spinning for myself and enjoying the process.

But I wouldn't turn down one if it fell into my lap. :-)

And Vicki, I dropped the vest off at church because I doubt I'll make it there tomorrow because I'm still feeling a bit puny. But I forgot to take a picture of it first. Sorry.