Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coming back from the dark

After a fairly good night's sleep I managed to accomplish a lot today.  I got caught up with the check book and the bills, cleaned out some junk that needed cleaning out, worked in the kitchen a bit, and am cooking supper right now.Not much else but for me this is a lot.

I had hoped to start working on some projects but that will wait until tomorrow.  At least I hope I can start on them tomorrow.

Still gloomy and incredibly windy again.  Supposedly warmth and the sun are coming back.  Then I'll need to get outside and attack the yard and garden.

I'm not happy with myself after catching up with the checkbook.  During my down period and the flu, I wasn't as thrifty as I needed to be.  I can only hope to be more vigorous about it in the future.  Maybe I can catch up to where I was before this all happened.

This will have to be a bit short as I'm hoping to get some vacuuming done as well tonight.  I'm crawling into bed after supper (and the dishes are done) and get to work on the shawl.  I need more daylight to work on other projects right now but at least I can work on that.  Then I might start a cotton grocery back, too.  It's hard to work on one thing at a time.


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