Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm still here but I've been battling post holiday depression and my social anxiety seems to be getting worse.  I can't even bring myself to talk on the phone right now and have pretty much withdrawn from all internet interaction as well.  Aside from some minor facebook responses.

But I'm still knitting. Not as much though.  I'm nearly done with my older son's sweater.  Sewing up the arms and need to attach them to the sweater.  Then in a box and off to South Dakota.  I'll get pictures before I send it off.

The cold, cold weather is back and I hate to go out but I get cabin fever so badly I have to.  I had many medical appointments this month and one more to go next week.  Had my annual eye exam yesterday.  Due to diabetes I'm supposed to do this every year.  The doctor was very thorough examining me and found no diabetes degeneration of the eye.  But there is one eye that has a minute amount of clouding that may or may not be the beginning of a cataract.  They'll keep an eye on it.

Still exercising and still battling my weight.  Still not losing any.  After 6 months of almost exclusively vegetarian eating...hardly any eggs and only a little bit of cheese, my cholesterol went up.  So frustrating.  I just feel like I'm trying to walk up a wall.  I have to go below 1000 calories to lose weight and I can't do that without getting weak and shaky.  I want to scream.

Well, this is as much as I can handle today.  I'm trying to force myself to interact with people more.  I have safe places I can go and interact with people still but my tendency is still to just withdraw and not talk to anyone. 

Off to clean the kitchen as best I can.  I'm also still battling the debilitating fatigue so I work in 10 minute increments.

Stay warm everyone.