Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday turned out to be a disappointment after all

Monday didn't work out as well for me as I hoped it would.  Last night I fell asleep immediately at around 11, slept deeply for about an hour and was up until after 5 a.m.  I ended up sleeping until noon but I feel so tired today that I haven't gotten anything done yet.  I do intend to vacuum and make some necessary de-cluttering attempts in addition to fixing supper and doing up the dishes, of course.  I filled up the dishwasher, though, as I have limited energy today and washing dishes will take a considerable amount of that.  What a wasted day!

I probably won't do a lot of knitting tonight because I'm just that drained of energy.  Hopefully I'll fall asleep around 9 and sleep until 9 tomorrow.  I know you can't catch up but I can sure give it a try.

I don't want to resort to taking an over the counter sleeping pill but I will if I have to.  I need the sleep.

I might have to give one to Zach, too.  He's not slept much the past week and he was still awake at 10:30 this morning.  He took a two hour nap but that's not enough to rest him.  I don't sleep restoratively during the day and I suspect he doesn't either.

Short entry today as nothing much happened and I need to get busy with supper.


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