Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not much sleep, but feeling much better

I went to town to get my meds yesterday and walked out without them so I had to go back today.  I swung past the library and picked up 2012 for Tom along with a book about a guy who lived with wolves for me.  It caught my attention so I took it home with me.

I need to get started on the garden but I'm waiting for it to cool off a bit.  I picked up a really ugly straw hat that is huge and will protect me from the sun as I'm not supposed to be out in it due to both having had cancer and being on medication that makes me burn really badly even with sunblock.  This thing is nearly an umbrella and I look crappy in it, but I'll be in the back yard so who will see me?  Oh, right...there is a public sidewalk that is used a lot elevated above the back yard.  Great.

I'm going to take the pickaxe to the sod and break it up and then lay the soil on top of it, fence it in and plant.  I think it will be okay that way.  I don't have the equipment to do raised bed and don't want to spend anymore money on the garden.  I have plenty of seeds and my tobacco, tomato and pepper plants are getting pretty big.  They're nearly as big as the tomato and pepper plants I saw in the store today.

I'm going to finish up the mowing.  Zach has problems with the back hill behind the pear tree so I'll finish that up for him.  He'll learn before long.  Then I need to set up my fairy garden area with my tiki torches and the solar lights.  I think it will be nice.  Tom already likes it and I  haven't really fixed it up yet.  I might be able to get some laundry on the line before I collapse, too.

Although I must clean up the kitchen before I got to bed.  I've been feeling so crappy this week that I've just managed to keep ahead of the dishes.  The floor is nasty and needs washing badly.  And since I've been working on doing that all week, the stuff from the kitchen is in the living room right now.  I think I'm bouncing back but I just can't work in the midday heat.  I need early morning or evening.  I can use the midday for projects and reading.

I got Watchmen, the graphic comic from the library.  Zach found it yesterday so I grabbed it.  I've never really read a graphic comic before.  Perused them, yes, but never read them.  I really like it.  It helps that I've seen the movie first though.

Plus I'm reading book one of The Dark Rising series.

And I frogged the Tree of Life blanket because I just didn't like the way it looked.  I was thinking of the February Lady sweater on but in a smaller size as an incentive to lose weight before winter.  And I need to get back to the Helm's Deep shawl.

I also need to sit down and draw up some designs for other projects now that my brain is functioning at near-normal levels again. 

Time to go fix supper and trot outside to work on the fairy garden.


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