Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm definitely not going to move to the Sahara

Heat again today.  I think it's hotter but I'm afraid to look at the thermometer.  I'm just not ready for heat like this yet.  The pets are miserable.  Hannibal has spent the day under my bed on the wood floors, coming out only when we coaxed him with food.  We wanted to make sure he wasn't sick or anything.  He's been "talking" from under there and it's so out of character that we had to make sure.  He's fine.  In fact, overly affectionate.  And sweat mixed with cat hair isn't fun.

Professor has been panting very hard since yesterday afternoon.  I'm keeping him hydrated and in front of the fan but he's still very unhappy.  We all need to lose a bit of weight or this summer will be totally miserable.

Zach and I went to town to get two more fans today.  The air conditioner wouldn't work.  It's an old, crappy one and we do have a newer one but it's only for a small room and won't cool down the whole house.  Tom needs to put it in his window or he'll be miserable this summer trying to sleep.  Last summer was so mild we didn't need it but I think we will this summer.

I'm not buying another a/c for the downstairs though.  We have other things we need to use the money on.  And speaking of money, I've got to get busy with the frugal thing because we're not saving any money right now and we need to.  I think we've got another day of heat before we get back to seasonable temps.  Then I've got to get super busy.  I just hope I've got energy by then. I'm so tired today that I can't function.  We're having tuna salad sandwiches tonight because I'm not heating up the house and I'm too tired to cook.

I might knit later on the shopping bag but it's too hot for acrylic.  I could spend the day reading except I'm too tired to concentrate.  I haven't slept well the past two days.  Not that that's any surprise to anyone who has been reading this blog for longer than a month.  Not sleeping happens more than sleeping does.

Well, I'm off to collapse on the bed between the two fans and hopefully grab a nap before I fix supper.  I didn't see this heat wave coming.

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