Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two nights in a row would be nice

Crap!  I got the one night's sleep at least but last night was one good hour and then fits and starts of sleep up until daylight.  I didn't bother to look at the clock because I thought it would depress me too much.  I slept until 10:30 a.m. and accomplished some outdoor stuff this morning but afternoon I was dragging again.

I rearranged my room again. I have only two options for my bed and since I've gotten little sleep since I moved it last time, it's back where it used to be.  Plus I can open the northern window now and since it's going to be hot tonight I'm all for that.  The room is more crowded this way but it's crowded anyway so one way isn't really better than another.  Here's hoping I can sleep tonight.  Although I might need to get the bark collar out since that window's open now.  There is a chipmunk that lives in the next door neighbor's underground drain pipe and comes out to harrass Professor.

I started knitting on the Tree of Life pattern, but I'm not actually sure I've got enough yarn to finish it.  Worse case scenario, I'll rip it out and remove one repeat.  It will be narrower but still be nice to put over my legs while I knit during the winter months.  Plus it will still look good, I think.

Now that I've dug out some of my yarn and thread, I plan on crocheting some amulet bags for both Zach and me.  He wants blue but I want black, which is hard to work with at night.  Or maybe black and red.  I'm a girl of the night, I think.  I tried to knit them but I'd rather crochet the thread than knit it.  It's too slippery.  I've also got a lot of sock yarn remnants that I can use to knit tarot bags and stuff like that.  I just need to get busy with it.

And I need to get busy with my pencils and oils.  I set up the garden area a bit better as I found another bungee cord so the tablecloth will stay on now.  Doesn't look great but it will take a tornado to rip it off of there.  Or I can set up in the living room but it's a bit tight in here.  I'll figure something out.  I just don't want to get paint on the new dining room set. 

Tonight is for Ballykissangel and knitting and maybe an early night, if I'm lucky.


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knittingdragonflies said...

OOO I like that pattern! Start it now and have it finished for the cold nights!
I agree, I have only two ways to arrange the bedroom also. I keep moving it back to how I have it now. I also think we both sleep better this way.
I have been looking at articles about which way to direct your bed to sleep

Interesting! Which way is your head?