Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gray skies and winter coats

Another gloomy day.  And cold. 

But my seedlings look pretty good in the pots, although I still need to re-pot about 10 more tobacco plants.  As soon as I find the pots to put them in.  And not today because it's wet and cold out there.

I got a refill on one of my meds today and the dr only gave me enough for one month saying I needed to come in for labs.  This really cheeses me off as I just had labs 3 weeks ago so why can't they schedule my labs all at once instead of me having to pay a co-pay every time they think I need it.  Thing is I've never needed labs for this med before so why now?  Unless they've just come up with one more way to make money.  Sheesh.  I'm sure my bp and labs will be skewed after dealing with 5 weeks of flu.

I had errands today but I did enough of them that I shouldn't have to go back until next week.  And I won't, not even if the library calls with something coming in.  I'm not getting anything done because I'm on the road all the time.

Not to mention it uses up what little energy I have.

I didn't catch up on sleep last night but I did get at least 5 hours uninterrupted, which is almost as good.  I had planned on walking the dog today but he's cowering under my blanket and I can barely get him outside to take care of business.  It should warm up soon and I can start taking baby steps in the exercise department.

Off to work on a design for an amulet bag and maybe knit on my Helm's Deep shawl.  Then fixing supper and to bed!


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