Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little closer to feeling better

I'm trying to get things done today but whenever I exert myself I have a coughing spell.  But I am nearly there.  I did some research on some of the things I want to plant and I'm glad I did because they won't do well in our ground so I'll have to use containers.  Plus nearly everything won't winter over well so they'll need to be brought inside.  Good thing I checked.

But now I need to go buy some potting soil and dirt and a couple more pots.

I know what to do to fix the blueberry bushes.  Coffee grounds and pine shavings.  I can get the pine shavings tomorrow but we've already got the coffee grounds in containers for the compost.  I just have to make sure it's nothing but coffee grounds though.

My head is also pounding so I think I'll get things tidied up, slap some supper on the stove for Tom and go to bed.  I will beat this thing.


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