Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This isn't Monday but it feels like it is

I fell into bed early last night and slept through until morning.  And still didn't want to get up.  I was outside working most of the day..weeding, cleaning up the yard and handing glasses of water to Tom who was turning the garden by hand.  Zach fixed supper because I was way too tired but today he'll be outside with me doing more clearing up and trying to break down the garden enough to plant things in it.  Right now it's clumps of sod.  I have some potting soil we can add to it but it's not enough to cover the whole thing.

This morning I let Professor outside on the leash and when I went to check on him discovered that he had found a rabbit's nest and killed all four babies.  It makes me sad but we just don't need more rabbits.  He's a killer, for sure.  He doesn't play around with his prey like Hannibal does.  He goes for the kill and moves on.  At least they don't suffer.  Well, I'm sure they suffer but not for long.

I found three new growths on the grapevine that I am trying to propagate into three new grapevines.  I'm doing what the website says to do but we'll see what happens.  I might put them in a better pot today as I was rushing about doing so many other things yesterday.

Of course I'm barely able to move today.  Or at least I'm moving in slow motion.  I had taken Professor on a walk yesterday because both of us need to lose weight in the worst way but this morning I didn't.  I'll try to do it tonight when I'm maybe a bit more limber and get my second wind but this morning I have to save back for the yard work.

I knitted on the sweater and the shawl last night but only for a little while as I was struggling to keep my eyes open at 8:30.  I managed to stay awake until 10 and then packed it in.  I slept until 8:30 a.m. and was pretty bleary-eyed but got up, made the bed, dressed and took Professor on a tour of the yard so he could sniff out his favorite chipmunk spots.  Then back inside for breakfast and coffee (decaf) and time on the computer.  Soon I've got to tackle the kitchen and then the yard.  I hope it doesn't get too hot today.

I'm losing interest in the sweater, mostly because I can't see myself wearing it.  I think I'll just put the yarn away until I know for sure what it wants to be.  In the meantime I've got the shawl and the shopping bag (which I frogged because it was way too big) and other projects to make.  Plus I want to get my pencils out again and get back to drawing and maybe even painting.  I've got to learn to follow through on things instead of giving up when I don't progress as quickly as I think I should.

For now, time to finish up computer time and get outside before it gets too hot.


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