Monday, May 3, 2010

Flu free at last

I made it through the weekend, the coughing is nearly gone and I'm sleeping through the night...however short that night seems to be.  Zach is about midway in his flu-crisis.  Which means I get to mow the yard again this week.

I'm still dragging my butt though.  Absolutely no energy and I get tired after working just a short while.  Something has to give and soon.

My seedlings are outdoors full time now, up on our old dining table that is now covered with a tarp to protect it from the elements.  Not sure what we're going to do with it though.  Something will come to me.

I hope to get some other things planted into pots tomorrow.  I'm not going to put my prairie garden stuff directly into the ground as I think our backyard menagerie will munch them down before they have a chance to grow much.  So I'll put them in pots and wait until they're grown up enough not to need babysitters anymore.  I'm going to try lavender again this year.  I've tried for at least 3 years to grow it and can't even get anything green to pop up out of the ground.  This time I intend to research a bit better.

The new season of Foyle's War was on last night and it was as good, if not better, than the other six seasons.  I look forward to the next several Sunday nights of Masterpiece Theater.  I'm also watching season 3 of Waking the Dead, most of which I haven't seen, courtesy of the library.  I've also got Blue Murder, season one waiting in the wings.

I've got just a bit to finish on Bette's sweater and then I'll sew the seams and finish it.  I started a shawl last night, this time for me.  I ended up giving away my fire shawl so I'm back to being shawl-less.  I had started a cabled pullover last winter but I put it away to do my Lenten knitting and just couldn't figure out where I was.  There were 3 different cables on it so I had to determine where I was in 4 different patterns, actually, counting the uncabled portion.  So I ripped it all back and am using it to make a shawl.  It's a dark, sage green and I'm using a Helm's Deep pattern on Ravelry.  Easy pattern to memorize and lovely to look at.

I'm also knitting a christening dress out of the leftover white sport yarn I used to make baby blankets during Lent.  I'm pushing myself to work past my comfort zone on different projects in order to improve my knitting skills.  I bought Barbara Walker's Stitch Dictionary because I need to start designing my own things possibly to sell in an online store or something like that.

I've also got my pencils and sketch pads out to brush up on those skills as well.  I'd love to have oils to work with.  Maybe I can find a place in the budget for those.  I had gotten acrylics thinking they would work as well for me, but I had never worked with acrylics before and didn't find them as user friendly as oils.

I'm trying to get some reading done, too, although my brain is still pretty mushy, mostly from the fatigue and inability to concentrate that is part and parcel of fibromyalgia.

Well, off to fix supper and then crawl into my jammies and work on the shawl.  I'll finish up the vest tomorrow.


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