Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve

Tom and I are making home-made pizza tonight.  I made the dough in the bread machine, chopped up the veg and he's making the crust and putting it all together.  We make the best pizza.  Even better than Pizza Hut.  He wanted a special meal and I thought this would be both economical and, since he likes to help with it, less exhaustive for me.

I'm devious that way.

I did a lot of knitting this morning in between naps.  I slept fitfully last night due to my scratchy throat.  I kept waking up to drink something to soothe it.  No real coughing yet.  It's mostly a head cold.  Thankfully not the flu.  I can endure this but I become a big baby with the flu.

I ripped back the scarf for Rylee because I think it was too long.  She's only about 5 and it came to my waist so I shortened it by about 2 inches so far.  It's an easy, mindless knit so I'm not worried about it.  I'll start the second fingerless mitt tonight while watching tv.  Not sure what I'll be watching tonight.  Probably no docs tonight.  Maybe a Farscape marathon.  Or Star Trek again.  I haven't watched the docs to it yet although the gag reel is great.

The last day of 2010.  I keep reading how bad it was for so many people but for me, while our finances keep me awake most nights, it hasn't been the worst year.  I'm trying to be more positive about my life which is hard, having been raised to view everything negatively.  I'm making progress.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful new year's eve.  And a safe one. We don't go out at all.  I don't like to compete with people who think they haven't had too much to drink.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just how many colds will I get this winter?

Tuesday night Zach started coming down with a scratchy throat and headache and stopped up nose.  Last night, I followed suit.  As a result I didn't get much sleep.  Nothing new...feast or famine here in the sleep department.  I had to run to the store to pick up some extra cold supplies and stopped off at the thrift store on the way home.  I scored 9 balls of lace weight yarn in green for $6.  Unfortunately it's acrylic so I don't know what I'm going to do with it.  I couldn't feel the yarn as the bag was stapled shut but it doesn't matter.  I would have bought it anyway.  I'll figure out a pattern when the time comes.

I frogged the gansey scarf because I think my needles were too small.  The scarf felt too dense.  No drape at all.  So I went up two sizes to a size 5 and it's a much nicer drape to it.  It feels softer now and yet the design is still popping.

On other needles, I finished up one fingerless mitt and will start the other one tomorrow.  I'm at the halfway point on my great-niece's scarf but I haven't done anything on the Tree of Life afghan for a few days.  I won't attempt it tonight with my head aching from sinus pressure.  I can barely concentrate on Doctor Who, which I'm watching from my dvr inventory.

As it was warmer today, the snow has been melting and leaving behind some patches of grass and some ugly, black piles of snow at the side of the road and parking lots.  But that's okay.  I don't need more snow to freshen it up.  I need just one year of light snowfall so I'm not out there shoveling snow the way we have the past few winters.  I talked to my mom today and my 77 year old mother has had to shovel the snow in their driveway this winter.  My sister and bil would do it but she gets it done before they can get over there.  They do have a business to run and can't get over there right away.  She's on the list at church for the youth to shovel their sidewalks and driveways but the kids have no transportation to get there. And they live in town. What a system.  I remember having to walk everywhere when I was a kid.  These days they don't.

My mom has been in the hospital since yesterday.  She had had a really bad intestinal flu over Christmas and all that throwing up and diarrhea messed up her coumadin numbers and she was so low they were afraid she was bleeding internally.  She's not, thankfully and will be home tomorrow.  Daddy went and got her some gator-ade on Christmas because she was so dehydrated she was nearly hallucinating so she got her electolytes back up enough but her other numbers crashed.

I simply have to get my health back.  My mother was always in such good health and on the go.  Heck, she still is.  Volunteers at the hospital and watches my great-niece.  Personally I think she deserves some time to relax but it isn't my place to interfere.  She certainly knows how to say no.  Believe me, she's said it often enough to me in the past.  :-)

I'm feeling crummy again so I'm off to bed.  I hope tonight will be an early night.  I'll tackle the kitchen tomorrow.  Or not.  It's not like there is an inspector coming over.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lots of zzzz's happening here

I think I slept most of the day away.  I got up, let Professor out, cleaned the kitchen and went back to bed to knit and watch a doc on The Dark Ages.  I still haven't finished it because I shut it off and went back to sleep.  I woke up around 4:30 to cook supper.  I sure hope I can get back to sleep tonight, but I sure did love all that sleep I haven't been getting.

Tom didn't get home from work until around 5 a.m. so he ended up sleeping until 3 p.m. and Zach has had insomnia from birth so we are one dysfunctional family where sleep is concerned.  But Tom is off work until Monday so he has time to rest up, revitalize and get back to a normal routine.  He really needs this time off.

The mitts I knitted for my uncle ended up too small so I gave them to Zach who has small hands anyway.  I'm using a thicker yarn to knit my uncle's mitts.  I'll make my dad some just like it.

I don't make resolutions because it's just a way to abuse myself by setting myself up for failure but I do hope to accomplish some things next year.  One being to organize the house better, do better on finances and frugality and to get some energy levels up.  But they're not resolutions.  They're merely suggestions.

I've also been knitting on my great-niece's scarf (she's about 5) which is a smaller version of the mariner's scarf...garter stitch with ribbing at the neck, then more garter stitch.  In pink, of course.  I don't intend to buy anymore yarn for a while. Hopefully not until summer.  I should have enough yarn to get me through.  Especially if I don't make any big projects.  Or only a couple of big projects.  I would like to finish the Tree of Life afghan and the sweater I've put aside for a while.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a more productive day but I don't regret having a day of near-complete leisure.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nuttin' going on

I had absolutely nothing to say yesterday so I didn't blog.  Come to think of it, I don't have much to say today either.  Some errands, some shopping so I don't have to go anymore this year, some light housekeeping.  And of course, knitting.  Other than that...nothing.

I had a bunny outside last night under the bird feeder but it was too dark to get a picture.  Tom is working 12+ hour shifts yesterday and today so he can have the rest of the week off.  And this with a cold or something.  All these hours are wearing on him.

Oh, and no bonus this year either.  He works 70+ hours a week for pay that is less than he was getting 3 years ago and no effing bonus.  And at his age it's nearly impossible to find another job and they know it.

I've been so achy of late with my fibromyalgia pains plus depression kicking in and post-Christmas let down.  I'd love to just stay in bed for a few days.

And I might just do that.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

My post-Christmas present

I woke up this morning and opened up the kitchen window as I always do first thing and was met with a delightful surprise.  Under the bird feeders, grazing on the spillage was a beautiful pheasant.  I was stunned and tried to get a picture but it didn't turn out at all so I don't have any to show you.  What I ended up with was a blurred image that only vaguely resembles a pheasant.  Mostly just a blog.

I love living here.

Aside from that the only highlight of my day was when I knocked the crockpot full of leftovers nearly onto the floor.  I managed to catch it but the lid landed and cracked a chip off so it's useless now.  I'll have to figure out another lid for it or the crockpot will also be useless and I love my crockpot too much to let that happen.

I got some knitting done along with watching some documentaries and commentaries of Farscape.  I'll watch my Christmas dvds once I get the house cleaned up tomorrow.  Or Tuesday.  I have errands to run tomorrow.

Finished up one mitt for my uncle and worked on my Gansey scarf a bit.  I'm planning on working more on the Tree of Life afghan tonight as well.  I try to get at least one row done to keep up with where I am in the pattern.  My memory just isn't what it used to be.

I didn't go to the family party and had a really relaxing day.  I needed that much more than I needed a party to go to.

Nothing else going on so I am off to finish up some documentaries.  I'm going to have to purge some of the ones I've been putting off watching as my inventory is filling up.

Oh, and I'm finishing up laundry tonight as well so we have clothes to wear tomorrow.  What a bother.  LOL

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We completely changed our traditions and opened the presents last night.  This is a good thing because the boy always wakes us up at O-dark-30.  When I speak of the boy, I don't mean our son...I mean the husband.  Zach has never gotten up early on Christmas day.  We always have to wake him up.

So today we all got to sleep in till about 1 p.m. and I loved it!  From now on we'll open presents on Christmas Eve.

I overdid it a bit this year but I was so tired of having lean Christmases years on end.  It's been over 14 years since I remember having more than 2 presents under the tree.  Most often there was only one gift for me.  And one year...none at all.  Actually, I only got 2 presents this year, too, but I let Zach and Tom have a better Christmas than we normally have.  January will be bleak, as well as February, but it's worth it.  When I say I overdid it, I don't mean I spent a fortune.  I mean I spent less than $200 on Christmas...which is a lot more than we normally spend.  And more than we could afford, to be honest. 

Zach got a Snuggie (which he wanted) a knife set, How to Train Your Dragon, and a Link Crossbow training game with zapper.  Tom got an ammunition box, a set of fingerless mitts, a Backwoods magazine, a folding shovel for his hunting trips, and a pair of sleep pants.  I got the 2-disk set of Star Trek (the latest movie) and Alice in Wonderland.  Unfortunately Alice is a Blu-Ray dvd so I have to take it back and exchange it.  Tom didn't know what Blu-Ray was, poor guy.

It was a pretty darned good Christmas, all in all.  We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a roast is simmering in the crock pot.  I caved and got a roast, albeit a small one, because Tom really wanted a meal.  We'll have potatoes, carrots and green beans to go with it.  And we've got rolls left over from his company dinner.

I decided not to go to the family party.  I'm fretting and anxious trying to decide so I figured if I was this upset over making the decision, it would be best if I just didn't go this year and planned on smaller events in the upcoming year.  Throwing myself into one huge party where stress is already high is inviting pain and misery for myself.  Having made the decision takes a lot of the pressure off of me and I'm feeling much calmer.

Apparently my family's Christmas dinner is at my sister's house today.  I saw it on facebook.  No one ever bothers to tell me what's going on.  I've been out of the loop for years so I called my parents' house and left a message that I would call later...just so they don't think I forgot to call them.  They expect the worst of me all the time so I would hate to disabuse them of that notion.

So now that supper is cooking, I'm going to go watch Star Trek and How to Train Your Dragon and knit on one of my projects.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve slipped up on me

Tom gets an extremely long weekend due to Christmas so not much got done yesterday, this being a tiny house and him being home in this tiny house.  Everyone is still in bed,  however, so I've been straightening up and doing laundry in order to at least try to catch up a bit.  I have a bill to pay today although I doubt if they will be open.  They have a pay slot we can use if they're not.

Tom has asked me nicely if I'll go to the family Christmas party this year.  I told him I would although I'm very cautious about it.  I did say if it got too much for me, I wanted the option of leaving and he agreed.  It will probably be fine, especially if I don't let them get away with insulting or ridiculing me.  I can only imagine the comments about me not having been to a single family event in several years.  I'm also not putting up with anyone telling me what Zach should be doing with his life.  I would never tell them how to raise their children, why on earth does everyone think they have the right to tell me how to raise mine?

But as I said, it will probably be fine.  They mostly's just the few when someone decides to use me as the butt of their jokes.

I got next to no sleep on Wednesday night.  Between Professor needing out...and RIGHT NOW...and having fibromyalgia pain, I only managed to doze off occasionally.  Yesterday I did a lot of napping and yet was still able to fall asleep and sleep the night through.  So I'm in better shape today.  Well, better shape for me, anyway.

I was knitting frantically on a pair of fingerless mitts for Tom.  I decided he needed one more gift under the tree.  It went well as I can hear him coming downstairs and was able to hide the knitting without any trouble.  He did seem to spend a lot of time downstairs yesterday though so I only got one mitt done.  And the cuff on the other one.  I can easily finish up tonight.  No problem.

As a result I didn't get any other knitting done.  I finished up the headband/earwarmer for Zach Wednesday night.  I really liked the pattern.  It was easy and fun.  Finished up in one night.  I do intend to take some knitting along to the party.  I'm just not sure what to take.  I might take the scarf I'm knitting from my first hand spun except it's got cabling every fourth row.  I can do it without the needle but if it's dark there, I don't have a chance.

I suspect the bird feeder needs refilling so I'll get out there in a bit to take care of that.  The driveway needs shoveling but I suspect it's mostly frozen ice and will be the dickens to get off.  Good thing I've got two bags of sidewalk salt.

Well, they are stirring so it's time to finish up the laundry and fix breakfast...or lunch...or whatever. 

I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Christmas.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I really promise this more StuffMart until after Christmas

I said I wasn't going anywhere until after Christmas but my prescription came in at the pharmacy and I had to get it or it would go back on the shelf.  So I went.

I ended up buying Zach another gift because he pretty much knows what he's getting and only has a couple of things under the tree.  Poor kid has never really had a big bash Christmas because we've always been fighting bills and such.  But we go to such lengths to make sure Tom has plenty under the tree that Zach has usually gotten the short end of the stick.

I am making him cook supper tonight though.  I'm tired and I'm not doing anything more tonight beyond knitting and watching tv.  I found a pattern I'm going to use to make Zach an ear warmer/headband.  He doesn't like hats because they make his head itch so we'll try this and see if it's better.  It will match his new mittens/flaps.  And more practice on color work.

I'm nearly done with my hat but I worked mostly on the Tree of Life afghan because it was easier on my hands.  Tom has been having problems with his left hand and wrist so I gave him my arthritis cream to take in his lunch box and got him a wrist guard to wear while he's at work to keep his wrist steadier and strengthen it.  I also got him some glucosamine/chondriotin with msm and something else to lubricate the joints.  He tried something like it before but quit after a few weeks because it didn't seem to help but I read that it takes a couple of months for any benefits to show up.  So...trying again.

I had dvr'd a few Vicar of Dibley episodes, including one Christmas special I hadn't seen and the fabulous wedding special.  I rarely laugh out loud but I was pretty vocal last night.  It was so funny.

We got a dusting of snow last night so I had Zach shovel the sidewalk while I was gone.  We need to tackle the driveway this weekend and maybe the back patio.  I refilled the bird feeder today.  I had forgotten it for a couple of days.  I noticed the ear of corn had been stripped bare so I took my last ear out there.  And little animal trails leading to it.  It was warm enough today that we had some melting but on my way home the temp was dropping quickly so the sidewalks were a bit slippery trying to get in the door.  I was careful and had my new, uncomfortable shoes on with the good tread so I wasn't in too bad of shape.

I haven't been paying any attention to my weight lately, thinking that after the first of the year, I'll work on cooking healthier meals.  My baggy jeans were in the wash so I pulled out a pair that was pretty snug around the waist and it fit perfectly.  Still not going to weigh myself though.  That only creates a monster that needs to be fed...and fed...and fed.  I still plan on cooking and eating healthier but I'm not going to focus on losing weight at all.  Just getting healthy.

Off to crawl into my jammies and get under the covers so I can knit and watch what I've dvr'd.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Solstice!

Missed the lunar eclipse last night because we had some snow.  Not as much as predicted.  We were supposed to get around 2-4 inches with another inch today but we got less than an inch (thank the gods) and rain instead of snow today.  Well, a bit of a rain/snow mixture.  Driving conditions were good which was a relief as I had to go back to the store today because Tom has a holiday party at work he had promised to bring some things for.  But I am really, really not going anywhere until after Christmas...for sure.

I had a book in at the library so I stopped off there and returned some I was finished with.  Even though they're not due back, when I'm done I like to take books back in case anyone else wants to read them.

I've got to start scrubbing this house down after the holidays.  I'm allergic to mold and I suspect that's what this cough that won't go away is all about.  This is the time of year we have mold build up in the basement and behind beds and such.  And the bathroom walls.  It's so hard to get rid of it in there as it starts building up as soon as I've cleaned it.  We have a fan but it doesn't seem to get rid of the excess moisture after showers.  I think we'll have to bite the bullet and get special paint this spring that is mold/mildew resistant.  Otherwise I'll be spending every week for the rest of my life scrubbing the walls and ceiling.

Apparently you can knit too much.  My wrist and thumb gave out on me last night and I had to quit knitting.  I tried knitting again this morning but kept getting pains in my hands.  I used some aspirin-type cream and that worked really well but I haven't picked up the needles again since then.  We'll see how that goes tonight.

I finished up Zach's second mittens/flaps but I'm going to take a break before I make anymore.  I found some yarn that will work well for some fingerless mitts for my dad and my uncle.  I'll start on those tomorrow maybe.  I'm going to work on the Tree of Life afghan tonight because it's bigger needles and I'm not gripping the needles as tightly as I do with smaller needles.  Crocheting isn't an option as the movement in my hand and wrist would be right where I'm having the pain.  If I have to, I'll take a rest from it all and maybe just sit and watch tv.  I'm not sure I know how to do that, but I can give it a go.

I talked to my firstborn last night and he wants to do a readalong with me while he's on break from school.  He wants to read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle together so I got the book today at the library and will read it with him.  I love his company and we like to discuss books and movies and tv shows as well as a million other philisophical things.  I miss having him around, but we have facebook and email not to mention the phone.  We're good.

Zach is sick today.  He went to bed almost as soon as we got home from the store last night and didn't get up until after 5 p.m., when I pulled in the driveway.  He's sneezing, coughing and his nose really hurts.  I got him some orange juice and cold tablets.  You know he's sick when he doesn't even want to go online to be with his friends.  I had to dig out the garbage can but he had done the bulk of the work the other day.  I just had a small patch to shovel out.  I left it in the driveway in back of the car because we don't have any space on the curb for it.  It will have to go on the driveway apron...after Tom gets the truck in the driveway.

Tom and I exchanged anniversary gifts already because he wants to make some cheesecake for his party and I know how he hates to mix by hand so I bought him a mixer.  Since he was going to be using it tonight after he gets home from work, I thought it would be best to let him have it now so he can mix the modern way.  He liked it.  I got a Harry Potter/Deathly Hallows poster for my bedroom wall.  He said he noticed I had an empty space up there.  My room really doesn't reflect a woman ten years from retirement.

No supper to cook tonight because I got Subway for Tom and Zach.  I'll just have some soup because I'm not terribly hungry (grabbed a sandwich while I was out.)  I wish shopping didn't exhaust me so much.  I really miss my old energy levels.  Hopefully they'll come back again some day.  I've had two remissions of this fibromyalgia before.  Maybe I'll get lucky and have another one.

Well, off to crawl into my jammies and watch some stuff that I dvr'd last night and today.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Too much is possible?

It was a very laid back weekend that I spent watching some Farscape and some dvr stuff and wondering why all the digital channels were unavailable as well as most of the premium channels.  And on the phone to the tech support about it.  After re-setting the dvr two times and nothing happened, we made an appointment for today for the guy to come and check the box and the cables.  Only to have everything show back up about an hour after I talked to the tech guy.  So apparently the problem was with the cable company and not our box.

In the meantime, I knitted my fingers to the bone.  My hands were so sore by last night that I had to put everything away and just watch television.  That was hard to do!  I don't normally knit that many hours in a day and probably won't do that again.

My mother thinks I should sell some of my stuff but I'm reluctant to do that online for a variety of reasons (sales tax, business licenses, etc, being part of my reasons) but I doubt I could sell anything anyway because Tom smokes upstairs and even though I keep the door shut to the upstairs, he sometimes leaves it open or when he comes down, brings the wreath of smoke with him.  Or it just plain drifts downstairs anyway.  I don't begrudge him smoking upstairs but as long as I can smell it down here (he can't because he's used to smelling it) it will be on all the clothes and yarn and anything I knit.  And most people don't want the smell of cigarette smoke on their brand new items.

But, as I said, it's not just that.  I have many reasons.  I might look into flea markets as long as I don't have to have a business license and all that goes with it.

I went shopping today because I saw on facebook that our anniversary is Wednesday and I forgot to get Tom a gift.  Plus we were out of one or two items but while I was there, it occurred to me that my normal shopping day was Thursday, which would be very crowded so I went ahead and did the shopping so I don't have to worry about it.  We'll be out of milk by then but Kwik Trip is a block away and we can get milk there.  I bought the pets a pet bed because the one I was crocheting has been flattened by usage so much it's not much of a bed at all anymore.  I'll wrap it up and give it to them for Christmas.  Like they really care.  They'll love the bed but they won't understand the wrapping paper or all that goes with it.

I wanted to get something special for Christmas dinner but I am on strike as far as cooking a spread on holidays because it's always been such a bother and so stressful that I have to do all this cooking while everyone else just sits around enjoying the day.  But everything was just so expensive that I ended up getting hamburger.  We'll just have burgers and baked potatoes (fries for Zach) and a veg.  Nothing special but I can't afford any meat that is over $3 a pound.  And even then sometimes I just can't afford it.  A ham might be 88 cents a pound but if it only comes in weight that makes it cost over $12, that doesn't make it affordable for me. I don't understand how anyone else eats anything but hamburger.  And that mixed in a casserole to extend the food budget.

Crowds today in the store were maddening.  People blocking aisles with three or four carts and having family reunions and when you try to get around them, they just ignore you.  People racing around you and then stopping in front of you.  Makes me wonder if they drive that way.  If so I don't blame Zach for being terrorized about getting his license.

Well, I have much to do before crashing tonight.  I need to fix supper, do dishes, and vacuum before I settle down for the night.  And I'm already tired from shopping so...


Friday, December 17, 2010

Laid back day

It was a very laid back, lazy day for me, today and I'm not sorry.  I had trouble warming up all day but I seem to be fine now.  I've no idea why I was so cold all day.  I got some knitting done and some napping, which was even more important.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll actually get some work done but I'm not sweating it.  I'm trying to learn how to deal with my fibromyalgia on its terms instead of fighting it.  Truthfully, I feel much better than if I had tried to fight my way through this and still gotten nothing done.

Zach got some more shoveling done outside so we're close to being able to rescue the trash bin.  Good thing because the trash indoors needs to go outdoors very soon.

I refilled the bird feeder this morning and have been rewarded with the company of several birds this afternoon.  They didn't look like they'd been starving so we're good.  Not to mention there is spillage on the gate that is holding up the grapevine they could have eaten.

I've seen bunny tracks in the back yard but not as many as we would have had if Professor hadn't killed that nest of babies.  Sigh.  We can't afford to keep having new litters twice a summer, but it's still hard to think about.

Nothing much is happening to write about so I'm off to clean up the kitchen and hop into bed to watch the dvr stuff.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

I feel like hibernating

We didn't get any of the snow predicted today. Thankfully the roads are clearer so driving was easier except when it got dark and with the salt on the roads, you can't see the lines very well.  I managed to cut the grocery bill by a significant amount and only got a few things not on the list, but only because I saw them on sale or found them in bulk.  And I picked up some more incense because they don't normally have dragon's blood.  Aside from that I only got what was on the list.

And I avoided the yarn aisle.  I may have to avoid that aisle for the rest of the winter.

Tomorrow Zach plans on shoveling in front of the garage so we can get the garbage can out next week.  We still have a couple of feet of snow there, partly because we had to have someplace to shovel the snow from around the car and partly because it drifted there.  The snow is very heavy so if he just plugs away at it a little bit each day, by next Tuesday it will be clear. 

I forgot to refill the bird feeder today so I'll get it tomorrow morning.  I'm sure they aren't starving because I can't be the only one in the whole town who has bird feeders.

I slept pretty well last night.  Professor is getting used to the idea that I'm not going to get up with him and only tried once last night.  I told him to get back in bed and turned over.  He hopped up his steps and crawled under the covers beside me.  It's not that he wants out all the time.  Sometimes he wants me to turn the light on so he can see to get up the steps, but there is a night light right over the steps so I know he can see.  I think it's more manipulation than actual need.

Surprisingly no pain last night although I did take a pain pill when I felt the first twinge.  Normally I wait until I'm in pain and then it blossoms while I'm waiting for the pill to take effect.  I did have some pain today in both arms, which I normally don't have.  I think that was more residual from the shoveling and completely manageable with just some ibuprofen.

I'm working away on my many projects.  The gansey scarf I'm knitting from my handspun is coming along albeit slowly.  Sometimes it's fingering weight and sometimes it's more sport weight so each row is small.  I'm using a size 3 needle so...yeah...takes a while to make progress.  Fortunately the pattern was easy to memorize so I can work more quickly.  The yarn feels a bit rough but it hasn't been washed yet.  I have hopes it will soften up.  Zach's second mittens/flap are coming along.  I've got the body done and am ready for the thumb and then the flap.  I didn't work on the nordic mittens last night because I was too tired, but I did get to the toe of the sock of many colors.  I'll finish it up tonight and hope the second sock resembles the first one.

Supper is fish patties and tater tots tonight and I can smell that they're done so I'm off to eat supper, curl up in my jammies under the covers and watch tv and knit.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cleaning house little by little

Zach was out shoveling pathways in the snow today but he went solo as I had much to do indoors.  Plus I'm having a flare up of the fibromyalgia and didn't dare pick up a shovelful of snow if I wanted to sleep tonight.  Professor now has more space to wander around and Tom can get to the truck without going down the sidewalk and up the driveway.

I need to do some shopping tomorrow but as we are in frugal lockdown, only what is on the list and no more.  We're expecting snow showers but they aren't talking about accumulation so it should be safe to go out.  I just hope the warm spell we're having (it got to 14F) is enough to activate the salt on the roads so it's not so slick.  I was reading the police report for Beaver Dam and on Monday they had a lot of fender benders from people driving like it was summer.  One woman sliced off a traffic light over by StuffMart and there were three, count 'em three, police cars directing traffic.  And the policeman was waving us frantically through as if we can just hustle on all the ice.

I'm trying to get the house cleaned today and finish up the laundry in between taking it easy.  My right shoulder and both knees have arthritis, which fact they have reminded me of all day.  Ibuprofen is my friend today.   Tramadol is my bff at night.  Still, I'm making progress and will putter around until I'm worn out.  I still have dreams that I can get back to my old energy levels some day.  I'm not giving up on that dream but I'm not pushing myself beyond my limits anymore either.

I need to feed the birds again tomorrow.  I think they're out again but I'm only refilling it every third day.  I know I'm not the only person in the area who feeds the birds.

I frogged the hat I finished because it was too tight.  My head is a weird shape, apparently, because any hat that has an elastic aspect to is slides up off the top of my hat.  This is a cloche but has a large ribbed pattern to it:  13 purl, 16 knit.  It's supposed to be cabled but I got tired of it so just knitted the basic shape.  I've got one like it in wool, which blocked and fits okay except it's a bit too long and covers my eyebrows.  And itches.  I'm going to knit it using a larger needle and see if that helps.  Good thing I'm a process knitter.

I've also started Zach's second pair of mittens/flaps and am nearly done with the sock of many colors.  Then there is the nordic mitten.  I'm only knitting a few rounds daily on it because I want it to last.  I really love the colorwork.  I'm going to frog the poncho and make a blanket instead.  I've decided that I want to knit things that are interesting instead of only knitting useful objects.  I'll probably go back to knitting the Tree of Life afghan.  I also have an afghan I'm working on that is a combination of different things but for now I need to get some smaller projects done.  I've got some more mittens/flaps to knit and some fingerless mitts for my uncle and my dad.  My mother would like more socks but I'll do those next summer so they have them for the next winter.  They're okay for now; Mom is looking ahead.

I also want to crochet a ripple baby afghan in order to use up some of the baby sport yarn I've got in abundance.  I simply must avoid the yarn aisle in the future so I don't bring anymore yarn home.

Well, I need to start supper and get the living room cleaned up.  I'd like to mop the bathroom and kitchen floors tonight as well but we'll see how the energy level holds up.  Macaroni and cheese tonight because that's comfort food and cheap and easy to make.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When relaxing consists of doing laundry

I could have been more productive today but I'm enjoying not hurting too much to push myself again.  I've got two loads of laundry done and three more to go (which might not get done until tomorrow) so that was a few trips down to the basement and back up again.  Plus I'm trying to organize my yarn again because it's taken over my bedroom.  I really do need to stop buying yarn for a while.  And since I got the tax bill today, we're all going to be on frugal lockdown for the next few months.  Good thing I've got plenty of yarn.  It's not great yarn and it's not expensive yarn, but it serves my purposes and keeps my fingers and my brain busy.

I got the presents wrapped and under the tree so it doesn't look so lonesome anymore. We've never had a blowout Christmas so cutting back isn't that drastic for us.  I don't think we've spent over $200 for Christmas since Zach was a baby.  It's a lot of homemade gifts and things we need and maybe one small luxury gift.  Although there was that year when all I got was a calendar because someone never got around to shopping.  That was when I decided to buy my own gifts.  At least then I know there is one gift under the tree for me.

It was really cold again today.  Professor barely got off the porch before taking care of business and was back inside almost as soon as I shut the door to let him out.  He's been hiding under the blanket all day.  I've got the thermostat up to 58 today and I'm thinking of peeling off layers.  Partly because I've been busy and up and around, but mostly because we're just acclimated to lower temps.

Beans and cornbread for supper tonight.  That's comfort food for me but makes Zach throw up so he's having a hamburger that he can cook himself.  He has OCD (and most likely Asperger's) and some textures in food literally make him sick.  He can't even look at a plate of beans without gagging.  Tom loves my beans and cornbread and is a good winter meal.  We eat lots of soups and stews in winter.

Off to find my bedroom again.  I've got a floor full of bags of yarn that I need to sort through.  I'm bringing up the plastic lawn chairs from the basement to put in my room so Tom and Zach have someplace to sit when they come in to watch tv sometimes.  I was digging stuff out from under my bed today (and found two skeins of blue yarn, untouched) and saw that my box spring frame is broken and poking through the fabric so I'm limiting the tonnage allowed on the bed from now on.  Maybe someone on freecycle will get rid of a box spring soon.

Off to get a load of clothes from the dryer and throwing another one in.  So far the dryer is doing well.  Maybe it's all how you talk to it.


Monday, December 13, 2010

The cold aftermath of the blizzard

My arms feel rubbery, like I have no strength in them.  In fact, I don't think I do have any strength in them.  Two days of shoveling heavy, wet snow when you're not used to it is hard on the muscles for sure.  Zach is doing better than I am but his back is bothering him, too.  Mine is really hurting so as soon as I'm offline, which will be fairly soon, I'm going to grab the hot water bottle and go to bed with my friend, Tramadol.  And when the pain subsides, I'll knit some more.  It looks like I need more than one pair of mittens/flaps because after shoveling my mittens were soaked.  And cold.  Yes, it's acrylic.  So I picked up some more yarn so Zach and I can have two pairs each.  Besides, I picked a color that matches the hat I'm knitting for myself.

I did the Christmas shopping today.  I always buy my own and let Zach wrap it and give it to me because Tom is a last minute shopper and gives me stuff he would like to own instead of things I would like to own. And tends to buy whatever is left on the shelves on Christmas Eve.  I'm used to it by now.  Which is why I buy my own gifts.

I also got Zach's gifts today, too, which was tricky with him along.  I sent him out to the car when I was done and then just grabbed the stuff I was getting him.  I made sure to put the stuff away so he doesn't know.  It looks like we'll have stuff under the tree after all.

That is, if I've got wrapping paper.  I'm not entirely sure that I have any.

We still have more shoveling to do in order to free the garbage can and tomorrow night is the night we set out the trash.  I think I'll be ready to cry by tomorrow night.  Tom believes Zach should have to shovel all of it by himself but I pointed out to him that when he was growing up he had 5 brothers and sisters to share all the chores with and Zach gets dumped on with all the jobs no one else wants to do, so I will help him do them because I don't think it's fair to expect him to shovel all that snow by himself.  And it's a lot of snow.  As I said, our entire driveway is three foot drifts. 

I will admit that Tom does put in an incredible number of hours at work for which he gets a pay cut that he hasn't fully recovered so it's not that I expect him to spend the few hours he gets at home out working back-breaking labor. 

French bread pizza tonight for supper because I just can't do more standing around tonight.  It was bad enough walking around shopping.  I had to sit down a couple of times and pushing the heavy cart (a bag of salt for the water softener in there plus all the other shopping) across a parking lot of packed snow was also a back breaking task.

Driving was crazy because it was too cold for the salt to kick in so all we had were packed snowy roads and ice where the snow had melted the night before.  I drove about 30 mph all the way there and back and one idiot whipped around me going about 60 with a truck bearing down in the oncoming lane.  Then on the way home people coming toward me kept flashing their bright lights at me right when they got to me.  I didn't have my brights on so I don't know what their problem was.  Then the guy behind me got in the act and started flashing his brights in my rear view mirror.  I'm definitely not leaving the house for a few days.

I can't stand it anymore so I'm off to throw my pizza in the toaster oven, fill up the water bottle and crawl into my pajamas and await pizza.  I'll try not to think about shoveling snow tomorrow.  If I do, I'll just start crying.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mother Nature didn't disappoint

According to the paper, Beaver Dam only got about 8 inches but I shoveled a foot off our sidewalks, with 3 food drifts on the driveway.  I went out first thing this morning so I could shovel the private sidewalk and some side paths in order for Professor to have an area to wee because when I let him out this morning he turned around and came back in.  The snow was taller than he was!

It took three trips out there to dig out the sidewalks and the front part of the driveway.  With a wind chill of about 2 degrees F, no way could we stay out there for long.  Fortunately, the mittens I knitted stood up well, but after an hour, our fingers were numb and it was time to come in and warm up.  The snow was really heavy, too, so my arms were shaking from not being used to that kind of physical activity.  Zach tackled the 3 foot drifts on the driveway.  And when I say drifts, I don't mean a small area...I mean the whole driveway was under 3 feet of snow.  I tried to find the truck under all the snow and get it started so it would be ready when Tom goes to work tomorrow.

Now we just have to shovel out the car, which is under even more snow, the end of the driveway being like a wind tunnel.

We lost some branches from the trees in front and the burning bush beside the house was on its side when I went outside this morning.  I tried to shake the snow off but it was stuck like glue to the branches.  I managed to shake a little bit off, but it's still mostly horizontal.

I'll refill the bird feeder tomorrow.  I just couldn't manage it today.

I'm knitting on a hat so I've got a cloche type hat that isn't wool.  Wool just makes my head itch something fierce.  I'm also making progress on the wool scarf from my handspun and some nordic mittens.  The mittens are coming along nicely.  I need to practice my colorworking skills so this is a good project for that.

Home made potato soup and hot dogs for supper tonight.  Soup is always good on a snowbound night like tonight.  We didn't even try to go anywhere today although we did see a lot of traffic on the highway behind us.  Our road was plowed sometime this morning but it's snowed since then so the road is under a couple inches of snow and a bit slick.  I could tell by the way the trucks driving by slid around.

We had company while shoveling today.  A neighbor dog, a lovely yellow lab, was out while his servant was out snowblowing so he came over to visit and play with us.  I'd never seen him before but he was friendly and playful and made shoveling pleasant for a while.  Then he bounded off home when the snow blower shut off.  A few door down the neighbors with the rottweilers were out playing with their dogs in the front yard.  Very well-behaved dogs, never left their yard but it was fun to watch them playing in the snow.  We even had some kids sledding on the road since it had enough snow on it for that.  And we're on a hill so they had fun.

This is the first snow that seemed fun.  It was great to see people enjoying it instead of just shoveling it and feeling the muscles groaning.

I need to get to the library tomorrow so Zach and I will need to get outside first thing (for us, that's about 10 a.m.) and shovel so I can find the car.  With it getting dark around 4 p.m. I like to try to get home before then but since we don't leave until Tom goes to work (the car is in front of the truck so we can't get out until he leaves) so we rarely make it home before dark.  Still, I love the early nights.

Professor is moping around with his tail down but I'm not sure why.  I know he doesn't like not being able to run around the yard and he has to crawl up a snow bank to see over the snow but I suspect he's moping because I'm online and cooking and not petting him.  He's so spoiled.

Well, off to work more on supper and then crawling into bed to watch tv and knit my fingers off.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cozied up awaiting the winter storm

Finally we made it to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1.  Amazing!  Fantastic!  I don't want it to end but I can't wait to see the last movie in summer.  I will watch these and read the books many times over.  I loved how they did the script, but then I'm not a purist when it comes to book to movie transformations.  You can't take a book and turn it into a script, especially when you're dealing with epic tomes and many characters.

Afterward we stopped off at Pizza Hut because it was already late and I didn't feel like driving back home to fix supper.  We had some pizza left over (lots of it actually) so we took it home for Tom's supper and Zach was thinking he could have a piece for lunch but there was none left over.  As Zach only had 2 pieces, I told him we would go to Pizza Hut and he could have a personal pan pizza next week.

For now, we're settled in until Monday, at least.  The snow has arrived.  Again.  It's been raining all day and now it's turned to snow and is coming down pretty quickly.  We're anticipating 10 inches tonight and a few more tomorrow.  Not looking forward to getting out there and shoveling snow.  It's heavy and wet.

I'm knitting away on various small projects.  I finished up the tree skirt, which looks really good, and am working on mittens, darning socks and knitting more.  Plus I'm looking through my yarn stash to plan out a hat for myself and some mitts for my dad and uncle.  They both suffer from cold hands in the winter.  I'll get them out after Christmas as I don't want to compete for space on the trucks before then.

I found the star for the tree top so the lights are on.  It makes the house look Christmas-y.  A little bit anyway.  The house needs tidying but that just won't happen on a weekend.  Too many people around for that.  Plus it does no good when those people just leave their stuff laying around.

Off to crawl back into bed, where I've been most of the day.  Trying to catch up on lack of sleep due to a certain dog who wakes me up three or four times a night wanting attention.  I just hope I can get back to sleep tonight.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making up for the snow we didn't get in November

It's treacherous out there.  We're under a winter storm warning, anticipating 5 inches of snow by midnight but the 2-3 inches we've already gotten is deceptively slick.  I headed to town just as it started snowing and by the time I got there, the roads were slick even though they didn't look snowed under.  I discovered how slick they were when I made my turn off the highway with a semi barreling down behind me.  I had slowed down to a crawl because I've driven in snow before and remember how slick it can get even when you can't see it on the road but I still fishtailed a bit.  And the semi didn't even slow down behind me.  Gulp!

I got my shopping done today because we plan on going to see Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon and it's a good thing I did since Saturday we might get as much as 10 inches.  I think they're being overly optimistic and we'll end up getting an inch or two but I'm always prepared.  Or at least I try to be.

Except I didn't make it to the library today because the roads were already getting bad and it's not urgent that I go there.  I have a book in but nothing is due until next week.

I'm making progress on the Gansey scarf, but I ripped it back and started over again.  I was using a size 2US needle and it made the fabric a bit dense, plus I only have 8 oz of the wool and I don't think the scarf would be very long if I kept it up the way I was knitting it.  So I cut the pattern in half and am making just one side of it.  Plus I switched to a size 3US needle and it feels much better.  Softer and more drape to it without giving up stitch definition.  Any larger and I would lose that.  Now that I've only got half the work to do, the scarf is growing faster.

I also started a pair of nordic mittens that seem to be working out okay although I may need to switch to a size 4US needle instead of a 3.  They might end up being a bit snug.  Plus I've turned the heel on my socks of many colors (okay, only 3) so I'm making progress on them, too. 

And I know I said no more yarn but I can't find the tree skirt so I bought some SuperSaver yarn to make a new one.  Plus that leaves me lots of yarn to make some ornaments and such.

I just talked to my mom and they got their package already.  Took two days to get there.  Amazing!  She hadn't seen anything in it yet but was going to look after we got off the phone.  My sister got some yarn at a yard sale so Mom is going to send it to me.  I imagine it's Red Heart yarn but since I've found a use for it, I don't mind anymore.  I'll make do with whatever comes my way.  She wants me to knit my uncle some mitts because his hands are so cold all the time and I'm going to knit my aunt (their sister) some mittens/flap because she walks outdoors nearly every day.  And she way overpaid me for the socks.

Off to fix supper.  It's a bit late but I didn't get home from shopping until late and talked to my mom for a long time on the phone so I'm behind.  Then I've got hours of knitting and crocheting.  I'll finish decorating for Christmas this weekend.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting Christmasy

I got the Christmas tree out at last but I need an extension cord so it won't be lit until I go to the store again.  And that won't be any time soon.  I don't have anything else up except the candles I crocheted when Zach was a baby.  I don't have a lot of Christmas stuff anymore.  Attrition took care of some of it.  The rest I suspect is still here somewhere but lost in the house.  I have a Dickens village in the attic from my late father in law but I have no place to put it so it stays up there.  I would love to have it out some day.  Tom is thinking of making a shelf to run around the walls about a foot below the ceiling but that must wait until we paint the living room first.  And that's not on the queue just now. 

I noticed today when I went to let Professor out (in my bare feet) that the ceramic tiles in the foyer are ice cold and radiating that cold in the foyer so I mentioned to Tom that we might want to take them out, sand down the wood floor under it and just put a rug there.  I can't fit a rug in now because the door catches on it when you open the door halfway.  Some of the tiles are broken anyway so we're going to start working on that pretty soon.  I also need to start preparing the bathroom for painting.  The house isn't warm enough for the paint to cure but I have a space heater we can use in there if we need to.

I've been working on the scarf I'm knitting out of my handspun.  I don't remember the kind of wool it is, but my spinning wasn't great, although good for a first try, so I needed a pattern that could take a more rustic type of yarn.  The pattern is Karin's Gansey Scarf and the yarn works well with the pattern.  I've got pretty good stitch definition so far.  The color is a blue denim.

I also dug out some patterns for ornaments and such since I'm replacing some of my ornaments this year.  As it is, I seemed to have lost several anyway.  Not sure where they are as I just put the whole tree in a black garbage bag and leave all the lights and ornaments on since it's just a table-top tree.  I have enough yarn and time to knit and crochet up some ornaments.  I like the more handcrafted types anyway instead of the kind you get in the stores.

Tom caught a mouse in his trap last night so Zach got dressed and took it outside to the back hill and let it go.  There is a wood pile of branches and stuff up the hill from there that he could find shelter in and hopefully get out of the cold.  I felt sorry for him because it was so very cold last night and he was used to living in the house, but not sorry enough to let him stay.  It's a huge compromise for Tom to allow us to let him go.  He really wanted to let the pets at him, which I thought was a bit cruel.  If they catch them on their own, that's fair, but to catch them and give them to the way.

Supper needs my attention now so I'm off to finish it up, eat and then crawl into bed.  I love this time of year when it gets dark early and we cozy up in the house.  I was in my bedroom watching some tv and knitting on the scarf while occasionally looking out my window at the snow that was just flurrying a bit.  I can absolutely live with it if this is all the snow we get all winter.  I would just like a break from it.  I'll be ready for it again next year, I promise.

Hope it's warmer tomorrow so I can take Professor out for a walk.  I need to find somewhere fairly flat so I don't slip and slide all over the place.  No way can I walk in those new shoes and my old comfortable ones have little tread left to them.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maybe we should consider a light for the driveway

The thing about doing errands at this time of year is that it's dark when we get home and we have no security light in the driveway to unload the car.  We've been doing okay with it except tonight when I heard something drop into the snow while unloading.  I reached for my keys in my pocket to unlock the front door and they weren't there.  Now I knew what had dropped.  So Zach went back to look for them and stepped on the keys and locked the car door.  So now I couldn't get the flashlight out to find the keys.  We had to keep walking around until we either locked the doors again or unlocked them.  Fortunately he stepped on them again and unlocked the car.  He got the flashlight out and immediately found the keys.  It was seriously dark where I dropped them.

I woke up this morning to a dead mouse in the living room.  I'm guessing it was Professor who killed it since Hannibal eats them.  Also there wasn't a mark on him and Hannibal always plays around with them until they die of boredom so there are lots of marks on them.  And I had just bought a humane trap, too.  I'm pretty sure this wasn't the only mouse in the house though.  I think we're the only ones I know of who have mice because of their cat.  He brings them in from outside and lets them go when he gets tired of playing with them.

I got a ton of books from the library tonight, including several knitting books.  I don't know why but I love to look at patterns, even the ones I know I'll never knit.  And I know I said I wasn't going to buy any yarn but two skeins jumped into the cart and I didn't have the heart to send them away.  It's for some mittens.  But this is for sure the last yarn I'm buying for a while.

I looked at ornaments at the store but didn't see anything I liked.  We have a table-top tree so the regular ornaments are too big and the miniature ones at the store were too boring so I plan on making some ornaments.  But don't worry, I have enough yarn in many colors to choose from.

I did get the rest of the Hamish Macbeth books, which are a quick read for me.  I've been reading one nearly every day, which is making my book numbers go up dramatically for the year.  But I also have some books on the list that are pretty hefty in page numbers so I don't feel like I'm cheating.  I know I can read a book a week without breaking a sweat so I'm good.

Well, supper is nearly done.  Roast beef and rice because apparently I'm out of noodles and didn't feel like making some this late at night.  It's been a while since we've had rice so this is actually a good option.  I'll add some broccoli on the side and we'll be good to go.

So I'm off to get things done since I was gone most of the day.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to winter

The poor birds had to do their fine dining elsewhere today because I couldn't get the mojo to go out in the breezy, freezy weather to refill the feeders.  I didn't even open up the curtains today because of the wind.  No sun and wind makes it illogical to open up the curtains in this house.

I've put up some curtains on the wall where the front door is to keep that serious air leak contained.  It makes a huge difference and the living room is warmer.  A bit anyway.  I got the gas and electric bill for November and it's around $80, which is fantastic, but we did have that Indian summer there where we didn't use any heat for about a week.  Still, I'll take what I can get.

I'm adding some more to the afghan because Zach says it's too short to use.  I'll use up what yarn I've got left but I'm not buying anymore for the afghan.  In fact, I'm trying to go on a yarn diet and not buy anymore until I've used up some of my stash.  I've got plenty and don't need anymore right now.  I'm also thinking of making smaller items instead of the larger sweaters and ponchos so I'm accomplishing things.  It' disheartening to keep knitting forever on all my projects.  I'll continue with the sweater but not the poncho.  In fact, I found a kimono I liked better than the poncho so I might knit that instead.  But I'll still have plenty of the blue yarn to knit up some mittens and hats and such.  I can donate them or keep them for gifts.  I wouldn't mind having a stash of finished objects so when a gift is needed, I've already got it and the pressure isn't on to crank something out quickly.

I did some tidying today but mostly have been looking through patterns that I might want to knit later.  My socks are turning out pretty good with red, black and off white striping.  I've gotten to the heel, which is the best part, so I'll probably work on that tonight if I can get enough lighting in there.  Then I'll probably start on the Rivendell hat.  I've got a modified one in wool but that makes my head itch something fierce so I'll do one in acrylic.  I've got my lumberjack hat for the really cold days but I like a hat to wear around the house when it gets a bit too cool (remember my hair is really thin ever since chemo) and any ribbed hat slides up off my head.

Then I've got some patterns for some mittens I'd like to try.  I think they're Finnish but I'm not sure.  It's a really intriguing pattern and should give me some colorwork practice.

I have errands to run tomorrow, getting my parents' package out in the mail so they'll get it before Christmas.  Zach needs some new shoes although I might try to make those cheap ones I got last me through the winter.  If I try different socks they might fit better.  If not, then I'll break down and get some new ones.  I need to swing by the library and drop off some stuff that is due on Thursday so I don't have to go out again.  This is the time of year I don't leave home as much.  I'm just so glad I'm not driving to Fond du Lac three times a week this semester.  Zach's last class is online so we're able to stay home.  And he'll be done in a couple of weeks.  Yay!

Supper is ready so I'm off to eat, clean up the kitchen, finish tidying up the living room and crawl into bed.  It's just a cozy type of day.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not dreaming of a white Christmas

I used to love snow.  Everything about it...the lovely flakes as they wafted toward earth, blanketing our view with a pristine carpet of white.  Until we got 108+ inches of snow one winter.  And we don't have a snowblower so Zach and I shoveled every inch of that snow.  I had walls of snow on both sides of the driveway and sidewalks.

So I was a bit thrilled that our November was relatively snow-less.  We got a few flurries and nothing more.  Last night we got about 3-4 inches of the darned stuff and with Zach down with the flu and Tom tired from a long week of work, I got out there and shoveled it.  I had to get it fairly early in the day so the sun could melt it on the sidewalks.  I hate to be all bah! humbug! about it all but...well, there it is.  I want at least one winter where I'm not out there shoveling snow every week. Or every other day.

My greedy birds are demolishing their supply of food every other day but I'm only going out there every third day to refill it.  They can dine elsewhere on the day I'm out of food.  Tom rarely gets to see them out there and he was amazed at the number of birds we get daily.  I'm going to have to make sure I've got a pathway to the feeders though.

I actually could have hung a load of clothes out today but I was really tired from the shoveling.  I have a load in the dryer that isn't quite dry so I might hang them out tomorrow if it's sunny.  Although the temps will be in the single digits from the windchill.  Nah!  I'll finish drying them in the dryer.  Not worth losing fingers to save a few pennies.

I'm still hurting from the fall although it's a lot better.  Now I've got the soreness from the shoveling on top of the fibromyalgia.  I've already taken some pain pills, which I normally save for bedtime.  I'm planning on taking my hot water bottle to bed with me.  It helped the pain last night while I was waiting for the pills to kick in.  The cold weather affects my fibromyalgia more than the summer temps do so I tend to take more medication during the winter than I do during the summer.

I have decided that both Professor and I need to do some walking, though, but our hill is impossible to walk during the winter because some people don't shovel their sidewalks or the ice melts and runs down the sidewalks and then freezes the next day.  Either way it's too slick to walk so I plan on taking him somewhere flat and walking there.  Just not sure where that will be yet.  There isn't anyplace here in town like that so I guess I'll go to Beaver Dam to walk around a parking lot.  Or maybe Crystal Lake Park.  It's fairly flat and has a walking path there.

I'm off to crawl into bed and knit on a scarf.  I had spun some wool a couple of years ago but haven't knit anything up with it yet.  I'm thinking of a lacy or cabled scarf.  Because I can usually only afford acrylic I can't make things that need to be blocked so I want to take this opportunity to do that now.  I also plan on getting back to spinning.  I think I'll take some of the Welsh Top I'm spinning and knit socks out of them.  It will end up a sport weight, I think.  I have a pound of it so I have lots of options.  I'm thinking that if I start spinning more I might pick up another kick spindle so I can ply even while I'm spinning singles, I can also ply so I don't have to wait.  I also would like to start dyeing some of my singles.  I don't want to dye them after I've plied because I think the colors would look better if they're not terribly uniform.  I'm going to try kool aid dyeing first.  If I like it, I'll move onto other types later.

Well, off to figure out a pattern to knit from my stitch dictionary.  Then I think I might add some more length to my afghan.  It looks a bit short on the back of the couch. 


Friday, December 3, 2010

Rough night

I haven't gotten much of anything done today because I didn't sleep much at all last night.  I did manage to go to sleep pretty quickly and fairly early...for me, anyway.  But I woke up after Tom got home with pain from my fibromyalgia and had to wait out the pain pill.  It never really alleviated it so I took another one a couple of hours later.  I finally dozed off only to wake up with pain again.  I was having a hard time figuring out why I wasn't able to get ahead of the pain when I remembered...

I slid down the basement stairs yesterday while doing laundry.  My right foot stayed on the third step from the bottom while my left foot hit the basement floor.  A woman my age and weight just can't do the splits like that.  I took some ibuprofen right after so I wasn't hurting when I went to bed.  Or rather I wasn't hurting more than usual. 

So today I'm battling fatigue from little sleep (it didn't help that Professor woke me up trying to get me to pick him up and put him in bed because the throw had fallen over his steps and he was afraid to use them) and some residual pain from the fall.

I haven't tackled the basement steps today so the laundry remains unfinished.  I'll get to it tomorrow but today I'm going to just let it go.

I did stay home today, which is getting to be a rare event.  Zach is still battling the flu and his toe is infected again.  I think he has an ingrown toenail that we just haven't managed to outgrow just yet.  I was able to deal with it better since the toenail has grown out enough to find now.  But he's Mr. Grumpy today, which means he's peaked on his sickness.  I always get grumpy and bored on the day my illness is at its worst.

He's managing his flu better than I did mine.  I still have some residual coughing but my mucus is clear so I'm just battling some sinus drainage that always goes on after the main event.  I'm a bit better emotionally, too, except for the fatigue, which always makes me feel like there is something I've done wrong.

I'm thinking of knitting a Calorimetry hat because my long hair keeps getting in my face during the winter months but pulling it back makes my neck and ears cold.  So I can put on a scarf and wear the Calorimetry inside.  I do usually wear a hat at home.  My hair is so thin after the chemo that you can see my scalp through it.  I keep it lightly colored so it's not so painfully obvious, but now that the hair coming in is silver, it makes me look bald where my hair parts.  Which does nothing for my ego.  I have some semi-permanent hair color that I should put on tomorrow. 

I started on some socks but I'm not thrilled with the condition of most of the yarn.  It's got that worn-out look to it.  I suppose since it's black and won't show too much, it doesn't really matter.  But knitting with black yarn in my dark bedroom isn't the easiest thing to do.  Still, there isn't a place in the house right now that isn't dark.

I'm just weaving in ends on the afghan and I'll be done.  I'm thinking of starting on a baby afghan since I have tons of baby sport yarn to use up.  I got it when I was knitting blankets and hats for the babies in Haiti, part of my former church's ministry.  I'm not sure what I'll do with the stuff when I'm done, but as I'm still in touch with one of the women from there, I could just give it to her to give to them.  I don't know of any Pagan ministries around here.

Then I found a shawl that looks fun to do.  The pattern is coming out in sections sort of a knitalong type of thing and I have yarn I could use instead of buying more.  I haven't decided yet as I have no idea what I would do with another shawl right now. 

I got a phone call last night from a woman at my former church who was missing us and wanted to know if she had said anything to make us leave.  I reassured her and we planned to get together for lunch soon.  She was very understanding about my situation and didn't try to "re-convert" me at all.  I really did enjoy her company so it's nice to connect without it being focused on church.

Tom also told me we had been invited to a New Year's party and I'm going to try to force myself out of the house for that.  We haven't had any friends as a couple since we married over 20 years ago.  I don't know the wife and have had minimal interaction with the husband but the men have things in common so I'll give it a go.  It's a unique experience for me, making friends without religion being the main thing we have in common.  I'm not sure I know how to do this after all these years but I'm willing to try.

Well, supper is almost ready so I need to attend to it.  I'm hoping to get much more done this weekend, especially knitting.  And I need to get my parents' package off in the mail, too.  I'm adding a gift card to Pizza Hut.  They don't need anything but like to eat out now and then.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm not particularly chatty tonight.  At least not about my daily drudgery.  I might be a bit vocal on some subjects but those will be written about elsewhere, on another blog.  This one is about a young man just a few short months younger than Zach.  Just 21 years old who will never get any older.

Jon was in Zach's youth group at the old fundie church we used to be members of.  There was a hint of things troubling him back in high school and the solutions were prayer and laying hands on him.  And setting impossible standards to live by.

I did say I wasn't going to be vocal on this subject here, didn't I?  Sorry.  I'm a bit angry because he and my son were both given the same platitudes and the same treatment about the different things that were troubling them.  Zach was honest and open with me about it all and I pulled him out of that toxic situation when I thought he might be contemplating suicide.  He wasn't, as it turned out, but I didn't want to risk it. 

I don't know what Jon's problems were at this age because we lost touch when we left that church.  But Tuesday night he attempted suicide and yesterday at 2:30 p.m. his attempt was successful.  On his memorial page everyone talks about how fun he was and how he always was joking and made them laugh.  And he was that.  He was a clown and very likable.  I don't know of anyone who didn't love Jon.

But now his family is reeling and trying to cope with the loss of the youngest son and brother.  I had only sympathy to offer because I couldn't bring myself to offer platitudes I didn't believe.  I'm sure it was enough, though.

This week alone in both my county and the Milwaukee area a teenager held his class and teacher hostage and then turned the gun on himself, a soldier/medic in Afghanistan was killed in a stupid and senseless war (he was 21), a young girl was driving at a high rate of speed and possibly not wearing a seat belt, flipped the car and died while nearly killing her 19 year old passenger (she was 21) and Jon left this world behind because at that moment, it was more than he could bear.

At that moment.  As much as I believe the PSAs telling kids it gets better is good, it doesn't help at that moment when the light at the end of a tunnel is just another train coming. For people like that they want an escape NOW.  They don't see a time when NOW is over and THEN...a better time and better the reality.

I remember an old Defenders episode where a developmentally delayed man was given a death sentence for a murder he didn't commit.  He didn't fight it because he thought it would end his troubles...those troubles being the constant harrassment and misery connected to the arrest, trial and sentencing.  After the sentence had been carried out, the lawyer (E.G. Marshall) read a note given to him by one of the guards, written by the young man.  He said he wanted to die because life was so unbearable.  But he didn't want to die forever.

I suspect that's what it was like for people like Jon.

Rest easy, Jon.  Enjoy the Summerlands and let your heart be at peace once and for all.  I'm lighting a special candle for you in addition to the one I have lit for the ancestors to find their way home.  I'm sorry there were no answers for you here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Staying home today

I stayed home today after convincing myself I didn't need an extra ball of the cotton yarn.  I'm making do with what I've got and have managed to knit 3 dishcloths so far with another one on the needles.  I've got much more to knit before I seal up the box to send my parents but I can't wait too long or they won't get it before Christmas so I'll be knitting like crazy tonight and whatever I get done is what I'll send.

I have something in at the library so I'll get the box mailed on my way.  I also have to air up the tires and get gas in the car so it will be a day of more errands.  No stopping at the store though.

I had to go out this morning and refill the bird feeder because the greedy things are going through two full feeders every other day.  I couldn't get one of them off the hook because it was frozen shut so I ended up standing on my tip toes, holding the cover off and pouring bird food into it.  I didn't even spill any, but my fingers were numb from the cold by the time I got done.  I notice they're eating into the suet.  Good thing I got a case of it.  Early in the day I saw a male cardinal frequenting the feeders and this evening before I shut the curtains, I saw his mate out there.  I'll keep an eye on the levels so my birds don't go hungry.

I also laid out an ear of field corn for the squirrels and any other critter.  I was going to lay out some old celery but I figured it would freeze solid and therefore be no good.  I'll wait until we have a day in the high 30s and do that.

I broke down and am using the dryer because our house is just too small for the racks.  After 36 hours the clothes were still pretty wet and I had to keep moving the racks out of the way to get to the kitchen or the computer.  I wish I could just set it up in the basement but it's too smelly down there from the damp and the cat box.  I'm pretty far behind on laundry anyway so this way I can get caught up a bit.

We got some snow last night and a bit more today but not enough to cover the ground.  And it's brisk out there so the wind chill is probably in the teens.  A bit too cold for me tonight.  I'll steel myself up tomorrow to go out but I just wasn't up for it today.

I can't believe it's December already.  I'm going to change out my altar to prepare for Yule and maybe next week I'll get out the Christmas decorations.  Still...small room.  Makes it difficult to decorate at all.  I think I'm going to put the table-top tree on the racks by the window this year because I have no other options.

Time to get supper started:  macaroni and cheese because I don't have anything thawed out.  I think I'll thaw out the roast for tomorrow night so I can just stick it in the crockpot.  I'll divide it up before serving so I can get a few meals out of it.  I really don't know how people can afford anything beyond hamburger these days.  A tiny roast like that cost $12.  I'll use it mostly for adding to dishes rather than the main event.

Should be a busy night tonight what with the laundry and the knitting.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I really wanted to stay home tomorrow

We got some snow today.  Not much, not even enough to cover the ground but enough to stick on the edges of sidewalks and against trees.  And it was very windy, which is just the way it is most of the time up here.  I liked it since I was all bundled up with my warm coat and geeky but warm hat.  Not to mention my mittens with their flaps.

I went to the thrift store today looking for pajama tops.  They are woefully lacking in sleepwear and since I don't want to spend $17 for a pair at StuffMart, I'll just make do with sweat pants and layers of shirts plus my fleece wrap I wear in bed while knitting.  I really don't need more clothes anyway.  Got no place to put them.

I've got a load of clothes on racks and hangers so it's close quarters in here.  Probably will be for a week or so since I have Tom's hunting clothes to wash as well as ours.  Probably three more loads at 2 days to dry...yep, six days.

I bought some more red, white and green Sugar and Cream but didn't manage to get home from the store with it.  I'm so pissed about that because that's one of the main reasons I went again.  I'm midway on the second dishcloth and don't have enough to finish.  I fortunately have some other colors I can work on until I get back to the store, but I wanted something festive for my mother's kitchen for the holidays.  Plus I want to make enough for her to give as gifts for those people who show up for Christmas unannounced.

I got 50 pounds of cat litter, too, for Tom's truck.  I don't want another accident due to the truck not being heavy enough on snow.  I can't believe how light the back end of that truck is.  That makes about 120 pounds on the back axle so I'm hoping that's enough.

Zach has finally gotten whatever it was I had so he's not feeling very well.  And I seem to be having a relapse of sorts.  Coughing a lot.  No headaches and it's all clear so no infection.  I'm wondering if it's an allergy.  We do have mold right now.  I plan on getting the scrub brush and bleach water out next week to clear it all up.

My new cheap shoes were killing my feet today.  It's the longest I've worn them since buying them so this was the test and they failed.  I just can't wear them.  I was nearly in tears by the time I got home.  I'll clean them up and take them to the thrift store but I'm going to have to pony up for the good stuff.  One thing I can't stand is shoes that don't fit.  I lived through that too much when I was a young adult.  I won't go back there.  I've got old faithful on now but if it's icy out there, I'll have to figure out something else to wear tomorrow.  I'm tired of falling every year.  And my kneecaps are tired of it, too.

Off to finish up supper of chili, cheese and a salad tonight.  It's fast food for me since I'm really tired and don't feel like putting a bigger bash together.  Good thing everyone here loves chili.


Monday, November 29, 2010

End of the deer hunt

Tom is home without a deer.  No one in the whole camp got any and Tom didn't even see a buck, only a couple of does, which are out of bounds in that county due to low deer population.  It's been years since anyone in the camp has gotten a deer; they don't even seem to see them.  I asked him if it made more sense to go hunting where the deer are from now here.  I think he might stay home next season as he has someone to hunt with now.

At least he had some time away from work though, and he really needed that.  Unfortunately in addition to the extra money for the trip and expenses, the fuel pump went out in the truck, costing about $400 to repair.  I kept a straight face when he told me because it was obviously not something he could have prevented, but I kept thinking that was the same amount as the prosthesis I couldn't afford.  What can you do though?  It just seems like we can't catch a break though.  Heck, we can't even keep treading water.

I finished up the mittens and bought some red, white and green Sugar & Cream to make my mom a Christmas dishcloth.  Then I'll package everything up and send it in time for Christmas.  From now on I knit out of the stash though.  Can't afford to buy any more yarn for a long time.

I washed a load of clothes today but haven't gotten them on the racks yet.  I bought a retractable clothesline to put in the bathroom but I'll let Tom handle that.  It's a ten minute job he can do before he leaves for work tomorrow.  I need it in spite of three racks and a folding wall rack under the heating vent in the kitchen, for socks and undies so they're not in the living room where anyone who comes over can see them.  Drying the clothes in the dryer for a few minutes got rid of the lint on the clothes and kept them from drying solid so I'll keep up with that practice.

I should go fix supper but I'm tired and I'll just wait another half hour or so.  Just got back from the store, which while nearly empty was still exhausting.  Probably pizza casserole for supper.  And a salad.  I'm not too ambitious tonight but I must be more attentive to the food budget in the future.  It's the only thing I've got that is flexible.  Although keeping the thermostat down helps somewhat.  I've been keeping it around 56 during the day and 48 at night.  If we get too chilled, though, I will crank it up to 60.  I found a pair of fleece sleeping pants for Zach (Mario themed) on the sale rack for $5.50, which was half the price of the other sleeping pants and they are nice and warm, like wearing a blanket so that should keep him toasty during the evening hours when the thermostat is down.

I keep looking for some men's pajama tops.  I wear layers to bed so I can peel them off as I warm up under the covers and I like wearing pajama tops over my many layers but mine were threadbare and ended up ripping at the elbows so I threw them out.  I'm going to check the thrift store tomorrow because I don't need the bottoms as I have several pairs of sweat pants I wear to bed.  And we each have our own hot water bottle to put in the bed to warm it up.  I've got an extra set of flannel sheets for a single bed for Tom to use but he usually toughs it out with the cotton.  There is no heat upstairs aside from a oil-filled radiator that he only uses to warm up the room before bed so I can't figure out why he doesn't want flannel sheets.  But he loves to sleep cold.  And he's got a sleeping bag he uses for a comforter so I guess he stays pretty warm with that and the hot water bottle.

I need men's pajama tops because of my big arm from the lymphedema.  Both because my arm is huge and because I wear bandages at night to push the lymph out of my arm.  Takes up a lot of room and makes my arm even bigger.  Women's stuff for some reason assumes our arms are tiny even when we're not.

Off to start supper now so I can crawl under the covers and knit.  I spent the holiday period reading more than knitting and now I'm ready to get back to it.  I'm nearly done with the afghan.  Okay, I'm more than halfway done, but I'm getting there.  I've got plans to make lots of little things that I might end up selling if I can find a venue.  I've got some ideas for jewelry and pagan crafting stuff but I need to get busy on them.

Not to mention getting busy on doing some deep cleaning on the house.  Surface cleaning is all I've gotten done lately, although I did manage to get rid of the dust elephants and we're down to dust mice now.  Give it a week and the elephants will be back though.

I can hear Zach's stomach growling and since he's feeling puny (probably has that flu Tom and I had) I should probably feed him.


Friday, November 26, 2010

The day after Thanksgiving

As it turned out, I didn't do a lot of knitting but I knocked out three Hamish Macbeth novels and started another one.  It was just a day to read.  Stephen called me and we talked for a bit, which was a treat.  It's always great to be in touch with my firstborn.  He's funny and interesting and great to be around. 

I did watch Paranormal Activity (the original one) late last night.  Ghost stories must be watched late at night and preferably with the lights off.  It was deliciously scary and well-made and I might just watch it again before the free preview of Epix is over on Sunday.  I dvr'd Iron Man and Star Trek in case I don't get around to watching them this weekend.

I'm nearly done with the mittens.  Just have the flap and thumb to go and I'm almost halfway done with the scarf so I plan on getting the package out to my parents on Monday.  I'm trying to figure out what little items to put in it as well.  I've got an extra Farmer's Almanac I can send them.  Mom gardens so she can use it.

Professor has been playing me the past few nights, wanting out three or more times a night.  He sometimes wee's but mostly he just goes out to get tangled up or to bark at a night critter.  I'm pretty sure my neighbors don't like being woke up to a shrill barking dog so I didn't let him out last night.  I'm tired of having to race outside (I stand at the door and watch him) in my nightclothes and slippers to untangle him or shush him before he brings down the wrath of the neighbors.  He apparently did okay not being allowed outside because he only used the puppy pad once.  From now on, he can just hold it because I'm not going outside in freezing weather (and darned windy weather as well) just so he can bark at the rat bastard chipmunk next door.

I also plan on ignoring his barking at me to get up and pay attention to him.  After just one night, he stopped doing more than his indoor bark and just hopped back up on the bed and snuggled under the covers.  I mean, I am the mistress here, not the servant.

I braved the crowds and went to the store late this afternoon as I had a prescription in.  It wasn't terribly crowded and the cash registers were fairly empty but the people who were there were blocking aisles by leaving their carts in the center, sometimes sideways so you couldn't get around them without moving their cart or hinting rather strongly that they should move the cart.  Not to mention the family reunions that take place in the aisles.  I got a pair of Danskin athletic shoes for $12 (although the gel insoles cost $7.50) that fit and feel pretty good.  I have no tread left on my shoes and I'm tired of slipping and falling every winter.  I got some black ones because my choices were black...and white.  The men's section had some nice colors but not the women's.  Hmph!

I need to take Zach to Shopko to get his because he has a pretty wide foot that not even wide sizes at StuffMart can handle.  Shopko has name brand athletic shoes that come in extra wide and are usually on sale.  He also has flat feet and a high instep which makes buying shoes a lengthy affair.  But his shoes are also nearly treadless as he's also had his shoes for nearly 3 years. 

I got Zach a pizza for supper tonight and myself pot pies because I ended up cooking yesterday after all.  I won't do frozen dinners again.  Not terribly satisfying or appetizing.  Next year I'll get a roast as Zach really hates turkey and neither one of us likes ham much.  I can stick it in the crock pot so there is little effort on my part.  Still, it wasn't the all day affair most people go through.  Just some hamburgers and french fries and a salad.

I have great plans on using up my stash of yarn before buying more.  I'm thinking of doing smaller projects that will get done more quickly rather than having three or four long-term projects that keep getting put aside because I get bored with them.  I'm not sure what to do with all the little things I make as I don't need 10 pairs of mittens or 20 scarves or a dozen hats.  I can always donate them to the food pantry since I'm not going to church anymore.  I do need some new socks but I don't have any Wool Ease except for some bits and bobs.  I might still use them to make some socks since they'll be under jeans anyway.  And where the heck to I go that someone will notice them?  I just hate to buy more yarn right now.

Super Saver yarn was on sale today and I saw some colors I would love to make another afghan out of but even not on sale it's not terribly expensive so it's better to wait until I have a need for the yarn...or rather a want for it...than to stock up now.  I still have so much yarn to knit up.

I'm not hungry yet so I'm going to knit on the scarf while I watch a documentary on Egyptian afterlife.  I'm beginning to recognize various archaeologists, Egyptologists, historians (British, Roman and Egyptian) so it's like a little celebrity thing going on for me.  Much like the popular actors in Britain that no one here knows much about (unless they're fans of British tv as well).  I think in two years when our contract is up with the cable company, I'll keep the dvr and the digital channels and get rid of all the movie channels since I can get most movies from the library free, of there is as well. 

I found a major air leak around the front door but it's too cold to do anything about it besides pulling the door curtain over as far as I can but it only covers a part of the leak.  When it warms up a bit, I'll put new weather stripping on.  It's just too cold to leave the door open long enough to take the old off and put new on.  The old is on there with screws.  I've been turning the heat down to 48 at night because we're under the covers anyway and we love to sleep cool so I figured since I normally have it at 50, what is another two degrees?  And daytime temps have been around 58, which so far is comfortable.  If it's damp, I'll turn it up to 60 because the damp just creeps into your bones.

Off to get in my pajamas and curl up under a blanket and watch tv and knit with some crocheting later. 


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I won't be posting tomorrow because it is my truly vacation day of the whole year.  I don't cook or clean or do laundry.  I eat and eat and knit and watch movies or marathons.  But I don't work.

So today I've been busy cleaning and mopping and finishing up the plastic on the windows.  I'm glad to be done except for supper and the clean up from that.  I talked to my parents today because they have a houseful on the big day and you can't talk to anyone because while you're on the phone with them, they're actually listening to someone else talk, not you.  I got tired of being treated like that and just quit calling on the day.  I talk to my parents before when it's nice and quiet and there is no competition.

We had some snowflakes today but it didn't last long and didn't stick. It's raining now, however, and I have no idea what will happen when the temperature goes below freezing.  Aside from letting Professor out for a wee, I won't be out in it but I do hope people who are take care.  They're usually pretty good about driving in inclement weather around here.  You have the occasional idiot but most people are careful and take their time.

I'm off to finish up supper and relax until Friday when I plan on attacking the house systematically and doing some deeper cleaning.  I'm not going to try to do it all at once, though, but will muddle through the whole winter.  In the spring I plan on doing some painting in the kitchen and bathroom.  Some day I'll get to the rest of the house but those rooms need it most.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Settling in for the holiday weekend

Just got back from shopping, Pizza Hut and the library where I accidentally knocked a book behind the bookshelves, where they will have to take out the entire bottom shelf to get to it.  I am so graceful.

Pizza Hut was okay.  I'm not a huge fan of pizza these days but this was Zach's T-day feast so we went where he wanted to go.  Someday we'll go where I want to.  I only ate one piece so we had plenty to bring home and it was a lot cheaper than Applebee's.  I'm ready to snuggle in until Sunday at least.  No place to go for a few days.

Although I need to start walking Professor and myself.  I got him a coat today because, being half Chihuahua, he tends to get cold out there.  His mother was a Pomeranian but he's short-haired, even if he is nearly as big as she is.  So for walkies he'll wear the coat.  For his daily business, he can go without since it's only for a few minutes.

I got lots of veggies to snack on because I'm getting sick of snacks.  Plus after T-day I want to knuckle down and get busy about improving my health.  I want more out of life than my tired old body is letting me do.

I'm ready to crawl under the covers for now, though, with my new knit sheets that feel as good as flannel.  They were so comfy last night and I was warm enough I kicked off one of the blankets.  I should be toasty this winter.

I bought another bird feeder because the wind keeps knocking the top off the gazebo-type I've got out there so the bird seed spills out onto the ground.  I got another shelter house-type like the one I already had.  We just have too much wind here to keep using the other one.

It doesn't look like we'll be getting snow this week, which is okay with me for now.  I do want a white Christmas but I'll settle for a green Boxing Day...not that it works that way.

Off to knit and crochet and hopefully an early night tonight because I have to clean house tomorrow.  I haven't gotten anything done all week.  I didn't even get any laundry done today because I couldn't bear going outdoors to hang out clothes in 27 degree weather.  With a wind chill of 20F.  Like I said...we get lots of wind here.

I'll just use the racks after I get the house cleaned up and maybe after I get in better shape and can handle the cold better, I'll hang more clothes outdoors.  For now, I'm making do with what I've got at hand.  And what my body can tolerate.  I told Zach though that we need to get outdoors every day so the house will feel warmer to us.  If we vegetate indoors all winter, it will feel cold all the time.  If we get really cold, then the house will feel pretty warm most of the time.

Off to crawl into bed for now.  I'll deal with the house tomorrow.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling much better now

My head is clear once again and the headache is gone but experience has taught me to keep up the regimen of nasal spray, echinacea and nose-blowing for a bit longer so I don't have a relapse.  But it's good not to feel so crummy anymore.

Aside from lack of sleep, that is.  I had one last night (I hope) of coughing that woke me up.  Not a lot of it but what was there woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep until about 7:30 a.m.  I slept until about 10:30 and then got up for the day but I've been dragging around and took an hour nap around 3 p.m.  Woke up to a heavy rain and thunder but I'd love to go back to sleep.

So I'm cooking supper so I can get to bed early tonight.  I need to be up early tomorrow morning to get a load of clothes out on the line as it looks like the only good day for a week or so.  I'll wash a load tonight so I can hang them out first thing.  It will be pretty cold the 30s...but I'll hang them out until the sun sets, then bring them in and whatever didn't dry can go on hangars and racks. 

I'm almost done with one mitten/flap and am still plugging away on the afghan.  I'm in a mood to continue crocheting them so I'm going to tackle a baby afghan next since I have so much baby sport yarn I can use.  That way I can use up my stash and still enjoy crocheting afghans.  I'll find an interesting pattern to work with.

I didn't get any cleaning done today due to lack of energy but I hope to get the house cleaned up so I can enjoy Thanksgiving Day in a clean house.  I also would like to start walking Professor daily since he's gotten pudgy over the past winter and never lost it this past summer.  I can sure use the exercise myself.  I do want to incorporate some walking alone time though as I need that isolation and interaction with Nature to restore my soul on a daily basis.  Or near daily basis as the weather here can get brutal in the winter.  Just thankful I don't have to drive to Fond du Lac like I have the past several years.  I'm really enjoying staying home.

I have to take some stuff back to the library tomorrow so Zach and I are going to Pizza Hut tomorrow instead of Wednesday.  I have some bills to pay as well and he needs to make a payment on his student loan so he has to transfer some money.  Get it all done in one trip so I don't have to go back this weekend or on Black Friday.  I do not shop on that day at all.  I don't think we'll be exchanging gifts this Christmas anyway, aside from a gift for Zach.  Just can't afford it.

I'm going to make some crackers out of empty toilet paper rolls since we used the last of them last Christmas.  I can make some hats to put in there and buy some notions or something that will fit in them.  Something useful, like travel sized hand lotion or trinkets that we might actually use.  Then wrap them up in Christmas paper.  They won't pop when we open them, but it will be okay.

I'm not putting the tree up early this year.  I get sick of it if I've got it up too early but I will change my altar over to Yule after the first of December.  I'm more excited about that than Christmas anyway.  So is Zach.

I have a lot on the dvr to watch although some things I'm just deleting without watching.  At the time they seemed like a good idea but when it came to sitting down to watch them, it just bored me.  I started on the first season of Farscape, too.  I had already watched an episode of it when I got out an old tape of the mini-series, The Shining (truer to the book than the Kubrick disaster), and there were commercials for Farscape on it.  I love watching old tapes so I can see the old commercials. 

I saw Alice in Wonderland finally and loved it.  Is there anything Johnny Depp can't do?  Looking forward to Harry Potter but we'll wait for the crowds to thin out a bit.  I can't enjoy a movie in a crowded theater.  Actually Zach and I have had a few private viewings before because we only go to matinees (cheaper) and only after the movie has been out a while.  I doubt we'll be the only ones in the theater with Harry Potter though because we're not waiting too long to see it this time.

And Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be out soon enough, too.  We only go once or twice a year to the movies since we get free movies on television and the library.  And when this two years is up, I think I'll drop the movie channels and keep the digital channels because I'm watching mostly documentaries anyway.  And I can get most any movie from the library free of charge.  If I'm willing to wait long enough.

But I won't give up the dvr unless I have to for financial reason.  I love it because the vcr doesn't work really well anymore and you can't watch and tape at the same time.  Not to mention the dvr recording series for me instead of me having to program it.

Well, supper is starting to smell done:  chicken nuggets and french fries with sweet and sour sauce dipping.  Trying to find ways to eat out without going out the door.  I'm much more of a homebody in the winter.