Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was pretty darned good.  I slept in, skipping church another Sunday (I've been advised by the vest recipient that it's been over a month since we've been there) because I'm still so very tired all the time.  Everyone slept in so we were noonish or so before anyone started moving around.  Tom made scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast.  The gifts were amazing:  oil paints! new brushes and a tabletop easel.  I'm excited to start but I haven't a clue what to paint just now.  Maybe my muse will return to me along with my energy (which is still eluding me.)

I re-potted the tomato and pepper plants and some of the tobacco plants but ran out of pots so the remaining tobacco plants will have to wait.  I was going to finish them up today but, well, more about that later.

Zach took me to Appleby's where we had some amazing burgers and strawberry shortcake shooters.  Wow!  I only ate half my sandwich and fries so I brought the rest home to Tom.  Huge sandwiches!

I settled in to watch Larkrise to Candleford, Foyle's War, and Doc Martin and worked on my Helm's Deep shawl.  I decided to just stick with the main pattern rather than use the lattice for the center because I'm not sure I have enough yarn and I'd rather have a shorter yarn with one pattern than have to rip out and start over again because I can't finish up the mid section.  But I started getting tired so I put my knitting away and got out my kick spindle and watched an episode of Waking the Dead, season 4.

By that time I was so tired I couldn't stay awake so I fell into bed and fell immediately asleep...for about 5 minutes.  All night long 5 or 10 minutes was all I could stay asleep at a time.  I finally crashed about 9 a.m. but Professor needed out and woke me up about 10.  I've been up ever since but dragging with no energy at all.

I did manage to put together some homemade macaroni and cheese and Zach is taking care of the veg and plates and such and will do the clean up for me, but I'm going to hit the pillows as soon as it's dark because I'm barely functioning.  No way can I knit or spin tonight.  Or even read.

Then tomorrow I hope to start fresh and work outside trimming the yard (Tom mowed yesterday, bless his heart) and get caught up in the kitchen with some baking.

I also intend to start walking the dog around the block and try to build up my stamina little by little.  This fatigue is debilitating beyond anything I've experienced before, aside from chemo.  I'm just glad Tom is so patient with me.

We supposedly got frost last night (which I knew nothing about, darn it...I need to keep a better eye on the forecast) but the plants look okay in their pots.  Maybe next weekend I can get the garden mapped out and get it tilled.  I decided the raised beds were going to cost too much this year.  Maybe next year I can afford to do it but for now, we'll use the earth that is already there and maybe add some of the compost to it. 

Tom is going to head up north to his brother's cabin sometime this month for much needed R & R and hopefully will bring home some fish.  At the least he'll have some time to chill out and relax. 

I can smell the macaroni and cheese so I'm off to eat my comfort food. 


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