Friday, May 21, 2010

Bigger baby steps

I slept last night.  A long time...maybe even 8 hours.  Uninterrupted.  Kick me next time I try to move my bed again.

That didn't mean I was bouncing off the walls with energy though but I am feeling better emotionally at any rate.  And shopping, while it did wear me out, didn't wear me down.  I'm not exhausted like I usually am.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for the whole family.  Tom is going to till the garden and set up the fence.  I plan on attacking the garage and throwing out as much as I can in order to make more room in there.  Plus I've got stuff to plant in pots in addition to the stuff that will go in the ground.  And I should finish up the trimming.  Zach will mow the yard but as he's still a bit off from the flu, I'll let him do it in stages.  Half tomorrow, the other half Sunday.  At least until we both get back up to speed.

Tonight will be for knitting.  I frogged the blanket I was doing because I just couldn't get the tree design to look good.  I'm not sure I'm an intermediate knitter anymore.  So much technical knitting has happened and I haven't kept up so I think I got left behind.  So back to the afghan squares but I'm going to take some scrap yarn I have and work on the tree design until I've got it down.  And I'm going to do that with other things I see out there that I've avoided until now.

I also plan on doing some designing this weekend and making lists (yes, I know I said I wouldn't do lists anymore but I must or I will forget things) of things I plan to accomplish in the next week.

Can you tell I feel better?

Pizza for supper tonight because I've got to tackle the kitchen and clean it.  I've let it go far too long.  Plus I need to organize things in there better because sometime in the future I'm going to be doing craft stuff in there, like dyeing yarn and making candles.  Right now there is no counter space to even cook much so I need to come up with a better system. 

It's been threatening rain all day so it's a bit muggy but sometimes it's good to have the gray skies.  All sunshine all the time gets boring.  I lived in the desert before so I know that.

Off to knit and watch McCleod's Daughters before I pop the pizzas in the oven.



knittingdragonflies said...

At different times you need different things to knit, sometimes I'm just at the washcloth speed.
I made a square at a time blanket once, all of the patterns were in some book or mag. They were fun. And one a month was doable.

Kathy said...

I think I'll do that square at a time to use up the yarn I have that won't make a whole blanket. I don't really care if the colors aren't perfectly complementary. As long as it feels good.