Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm a happy girl

Yesterday was packed with errands, cleaning and laundry and I was too tired to blog about it so I had an early night and slept until 11:30 this morning.  I did get some knitting done though so I feel pretty good about yesterday.

The Town and Country is sitting in the driveway after an effortless morning in settling all we needed settled.  First thing Tom called the insurance agent and got insurance set up on the new car.  Then we headed to the credit union where the fairly new loan officer had nothing done at all and didn't even remember talking to us until he found our paperwork, but the process, while long, was uneventful.  But I will be calling on the first of December to make sure our automatic payment got made and from the correct account.  Not saying I don't trust the guy, but it's my credit rating on the line.

Then we headed to Vic's, the mechanic, where the car was sitting, ready to drive.  It cost so much less than we anticipated:  $225, including the tow.  I swear they are the best mechanics around.  So we were able to drive the car home, take the plates off and head back across town to the dealer to sign the papers and hand over the check.  By 11 a.m., I was driving my new car and loving every minute of it.  Now we plan on cleaning up the car, fixing a few minor things and selling it.

I had planned on taking today off since I had shopping to do yesterday (meds in at the pharmacy and nearly out of toilet paper) but the library called and I had a book in.  I don't like to delay picking my holds up because generally there is a waiting list for the books.  I like to get them, read them and return them so the next person doesn't have to wait.  But we didn't go shopping or anything, Zach and I just stopped for a coke and talked about future possibilities and plans for getting our heads out of our asses and getting our lives back together again. 

Then we got home where I have been working on clearing out my closet (where the cold air return is) more laundry (I'm waiting until I have water from the faucet during showers in order to save on the water bill) and then I've got curtains to put up.  I can't find my other set of kitchen curtains but it's not a problem as I have to shorten the set I had last year anyway so I might as well just cut off the curtains I was going to use in the living room but changed out for shorter ones.  I have pinking shears so that will be okay for this year.  Next year I'll hem them.

I have to get supper started and straighten up the kitchen a bit but aside from that I'm not doing anything more tonight.  I'm tired.  And I would like to get more knitting done.

I ended up going with the Ocean sock pattern for the worsted weight yarn.  I've got a pair from last winter and love them.  They fit well and have a nice enough design.  I went back to the pattern I had been using on the fingering sock yarn.  It's an adaptation of the Yarn Harlots sock pattern.  I just do the twin "cables" down the sides instead of her intricate cable design with longer ribbing.  It's a great design that I used last year but with a gray yarn instead of teal.  I wish I had gray again because I think it looks better with a lighter color yarn, but I have the teal so...

I also would like to work on some fingerless mitts as I can't find mine and my fingers are getting cold while knitting and typing.  I know they're here somewhere.  I'm sure once I knit up a new pair, they'll show up.  But you can never have too many pairs of mitts.

In the meantime, I'm planning on doing some reading as I got a new knitting book from the library today and I can't wait to sit down with it.  So I'm off to get my work done.



Carol said...

Happy to hear you got your van and that the old car didn't put you into bankruptcy. Now you deserve a day to sit down, put your feet up, and knit to your heart's content.

Kathy said...

As I can barely move today, this is going to be the day I put my feet up and just knit. I have zero energy today although I must get the clothes out of the dryer and another load put in or I'll have to re-wash the load. The tightwad in me will prevail!