Friday, November 18, 2011

The Deer Widow's vacation begins.

Tom is away!  I got home from the library and the store last night to find the truck in the driveway.  He walked across town to pick it up and they stayed open long enough for him to get there.  We have amazing mechanics.  Although we do pay dearly for them.

So he got away before noon.  I've been doing much of nothing today aside from rescuing the laundry from the garden.  We've had about 30 mph winds today and the sheets ended up in the garden.  I just shook the dirt off of them and folded them.  Most everything else stayed on the clothesline but I brought it in anyway.  Nice and dry and wrinkle free.

I'm  nearly done with the second square of the cover for the ottoman.  I worked a bit on my dad's sock last night as well, while trying to get sleepy enough to go to bed.  I'll probably work some more on it tonight, too.  I need to do more than work on one project at a time.  But I also need to stop starting new projects until I finish a couple more.  At this rate, I'll never finish anything.

I'm debating what to do about the living room.  I really like having a living room again, but my back is still hurting and leaving the couch made up as a bed is much easier on my back for now.  Tom suggested I just turn it back into a bedroom again, which would be nice because I could push the couch against a wall and be able to prop myself up instead of using a million pillows that keep falling off the bed and knocking stuff off the table.  But that would also involve moving a lot of furniture and my back isn't onboard for that either.

I got a call back from the dr's office telling me I need to schedule a 6 month follow up.  Which means my labs were awful and the dr needs to talk to me about it.  I can't get in until December so they're giving me a month's worth of meds in the meantime.  If she can come up with a way for me to stop craving foods that are bad for me and a way to cook healthy foods on a hamburger diet, I'll listen.   Well, I'll listen anyway, but this is someone who has never had a weight problem in her life so she doesn't get the whole just eat less and move more and you'll lose weight myth doesn't really work when you have an eating disorder.   I've actually had therapy for it but the therapist had never had an eating disorder before either and really didn't offer anything I hadn't already tried a million times before.  And who wants to pay an arm and a leg for something that you're already tried and failed at?

So...I was doing pretty well on my own, not focusing on food at all until the dr and my family started bugging me about losing weight again.  I had even lost 10 pounds.  Now?   I've gained about 30.  Only my rheumatologist gets this for some reason.

Well, I have to go pick up my meds and we're grabbing a bite out as the kitchen is a disaster and I'm not in the mood to clean it up today.


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