Friday, November 4, 2011

Really glad it's Friday

I got the last load of clothes out on the line this afternoon, by which time only one of the loads from yesterday was done.  As I got up at 7 a.m. (due to pain) I got to watch the sun hit the frosted clothes and let off steam.  It kept me entertained for at least 15 minutes.   Tomorrow morning I don't intend to get up that early.  And by early I mean before noon.

I wasn't able to take the paperwork back to the credit union today because Tom missed several places he was supposed to initial.  The cover letter made it sound like there were only a couple of places but in reality there were about 8.  I probably won't make it tomorrow either because they close at noon and I plan on sleeping until then.

I did make a run to the store as we were nearly out of milk.  My excursions are costing almost half what they used to.  I'm trying very hard to stick to the list and not just grab things off the shelf.  I should have enough for a week unless the guys go through the milk as fast as they did this last gallon.  Although the clip on sunglasses I got don't fit so I'll need to take those back.  I can't drive without sunglasses with my astigmatism.

I finished up one Ocean sock and started the heel flap on the sock for my dad.  I went over my mother's phone call yesterday and realized the "thick" socks she was talking about wanting was the fingering weight sock yarn so I need to get more sock yarn for her pair.  I'll probably throw in a pair of bulky socks as well though. 

I'd like to start working on the sweaters again, too, and get back to work on Bowser.  At this rate, Bowser won't be done before spring.  But I still don't have the curtains up.  I must do that today and get the plastic on over the weekend.  It was 55F in the house this morning (and frost on the ground and clothes).  I don't think it got up to 60 in the house but it's still been pretty comfortable so I'm not going to turn on the furnace yet.

Tom is already planning his trip up north for deer hunting.  I was a bit astonished to see on the calendar that it's nearly upon us.  At least I have a reliable car this year.  Not that I plan on going anywhere.  But I could if I wanted to.

Well, off to fold the clothes before they wrinkle and then pop a pizza in the oven.  I can't cook and get the curtains up so I'm cheating again this week.  Hopefully once the winterizing is done, I'll have more time to do the frugal stuff.  And more time to work on my knitting, dyeing and spinning.  I'm getting antsy to scour my Shetland fleece, not to mention dyeing and plying my Welsh top singles.  I've decided I want another kick spindle for Christmas so I can spin more than one type of yarn at a time.  It will speed up the process a bit and I'll have more yarn to knit with.  My goal is to get to the point where I only knit with what I've processed and spun.  That way I can use better yarn instead of the acrylic I can afford.  Although I probably won't give up on acrylic altogether.  It has served me well!



Carol said...

Finish your work, then spin to your heart's content. And knit. And relax. It's the weekend now!

Erwin Calverley said...

Focus on what you want to do. You need to relax to have a concrete pattern or idea on your knitting. And once in a while you should take time off, and go for a little road trip to recompose yourself.