Friday, November 11, 2011

Delegating...not my strong point

The pain was a bit worse today with it moving further down the sciatic nerve.  Bed rest isn't recommended so I've been alternating sitting and moving around.  Sitting, at this stage, hurts a lot.  Putting my feet up helps but moving around for brief periods does seem to help temporarily.  More and more this is being confirmed as sciatica.  Every article I read said it takes about 3 weeks or so for this to resolve itself.  I've got another two weeks to go apparently.

Zach has been my dray horse today, carrying stuff for me and doing the heavy duty work.  I've washed up the dishes but he will cook supper.  He washed a load of clothes under my direction, carried them up the narrow, steep basement stairs for me and handed them to me while I hung them on the line.  Next time (Monday) he'll hang them up while I watch and advise.  We still have to transfer the curtains over the front door to curtain rings so they'll slide easier, and he'll do that under my direction as well.  I'll be honest, though.  I'd rather just do everything myself.  I'm crap at delegating.

Tomorrow Tom will be home but I need to go to the library so I'll ask him to do some more putting weather stripping on the bottom of the back door and the door leading upstairs.  Not so much to keep the cold from coming downstairs, but to keep his cigarette smoke from creeping downstairs.  Last winter it wasn't this bad but lately the smell has been very noticeable.  I bought some scented candles but I really hate the smell so I hope the weather stripping works.  I don't mind him smoking up there.  I just don't want to smell it myself.

I finished up the fingerless mitts last night and Zach asked for a new pair, too.  So I dug out my purple Vanna's Choice and am knitting him a pair as well.  Mine are a gold color Vanna's Choice that I got on sale last summer (half-price) when they were discontinuing that brand at StuffMart.  When I get a bit caught up on things we need, I'm going to start working on things to sell.  Another reason I want no smokey smells down here.  Many people won't buy stuff from a home that has a smoker even if they can't smell it on the product. 

I plan on keeping to small items because large items get too costly to sell.  People want the best price, not necessarily the best quality right now.  I'm using up a lot of my acrylic but once that stash is under control, I plan on investing in a good wool yarn.  Plus using my handspun for various things.  I'm not sure about selling wool that is only hand washable.  I know I probably wouldn't buy much along those lines so I can imagine that busy people want something they can throw in the washer.  But a unique item or a special item might be different.  Something they would take pains with.

This is all so new and frightening to me.  I can't stop imagining how risky it is to invest in something not knowing where or how I'll sell my products.  I won't do online stores for a variety of reasons.  Biggest being, I think I can sell better if I deal face-to-face with a customer.  Especially if they can see and touch the item themselves.  Then there are no misunderstandings about color or texture.  Or size.

In the meantime, I'm studying up on spinning because I want to make that a bigger part of my crafting process.  Both for the cost effectiveness and the skills I'm learning.  Next week I plan on dyeing my Welsh top singles and scouring my Shetland fleece.  I'm going to practice carding my crap fleece first.  This is the fleece I got free from a guy my husband used to work with.  It's really not bad, but not quality or anything.  I wish I hadn't thrown out the rest of it, but it was about 20 fleeces and I would never be able to clean and card that manually.  At least I thought so at the time.  Regrets, now.

When I went outside today to refill the bird feeders I nearly stepped in a humongous pile of some kind of shit.  It looked way too big for the Rottweilers in the neighborhood.  My first thought was bear, but that's highly unlikely.  Zach and I cleaned it up because Tom runs Professor around the yard in the dark when he gets home and the pile was big enough he would have skidded in it and fallen down.  When I say huge, I mean huge.  Not exaggerating a bit.  Zach, bless his heart, did the best he could but with his OCD he had to turn away a lot while I used the shovel to get most of it.  He had to scoop some of it into the shovel without vomiting.  He did fine but underwent a huge handscrubbing episode when he came in.  In spite of not touching it.  He used a stick to scoop it up.

If it was a dog, then I'm pissed that someone is letting their pets run loose and shit in other people's yards.  If it was a wild creature, then my pets will be closely watched when they go outside from now on.

Well, time to get Zach and start supper and get that curtain done.  Then I'm going to put my feet up and knit while watching my dvr programs.  I've gone through so much this week that I'm nearly under 50% on my inventory.  Lots of knitting while watching!  One other reason I love winter.


Anonymous said...

Delegating is not my strong point either with certain chores around the house (loading the dishwasher, laundry, cleaning the house) however, almost anything else with regard to the house (mowing the lawn, repair work...etc) I'm happy to put my feet up and watch.

I hope your pain subsides. I can't imagine the pain you are in. I have arthritis in my neck with flares up in November and stays that way until Spring. It is not debilitating but there are days where it will creep up my head and cause a blinding migraine (such as yesterday). I had things planned with my family that had to be cancelled and I used to feel guilty about it but I realize I do what I can do when I can do it. I'd rather rest my neck then go out and be cranky and miserable and ruin everyone else's good time.

Kathy said...

I delegated just fine when I was in the Navy, but at home, I'd just rather do it myself. My way.

I'm feeling a bit better today although last night was a huge pain in the ass. Literally. The pain has moved down into my butt cheek and down the side into the thigh. But the pain has been very tolerable today. I'm thinking that I'm on the downhill side of this thing.