Monday, November 28, 2011

The hunter returns...without

I pretty much know what we're getting Zach this year for Christmas.  I took him with me to Shopko today and listened to him talk about things he was interested in and came away with several ideas, which I narrowed down to three.

I also decided what I want, too, not that I will get it though.  This is Zach's year, not mine.

I finished up the ottoman cover and while it isn't perfect, it looks pretty good.  At least the cat loves it and insists on sleeping there much to Professor's dismay.  He uses the ottoman to get up on the couch, being a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix and small.  So he barks at Hannibal, who just looks the other way.  Then I just pick him up and put him on the couch.  He gives Hannibal a smug look and settles down into his wool blanket.  Life goes on as usual.

I need to start some mittens with flaps.  It was cold today and I needed to buy gas for Shrek (the minivan) but I forgot my fingerless mitts so I was alternating hands in pockets.  But now that the temps are at freezing, I'll need mittens most of the time.  I've got plenty of yarn so it's not a worry.  I just have to decide which color I want to wear with my black coat.

I'm making progress on Zach's socks but not my mother's.  Hers involves actually paying attention to the pattern and my brain is in the off mode right now so I'm unable to do that.  Soon, I hope.  In the meantime, plain socks and the flip-top mittens will work.  Then I have to get back to sweaters.  I don't want to have them sit in the bag all winter.

Tom made it home last night without a deer.  He saw three but they were right behind him and he couldn't move fast enough to sight them before they took off.  His brother saw one but no one else in the hunting camp saw any.  This has been going on for several years.  Someone suggested that if they aren't seeing any deer, maybe they should hunt where the deer actually are.  I know there are deer there, but I suspect the herds haven't been managed well and they're not growing like they should.  Still, he has a good time with the guys.

I need to start supper.  I just got home from shopping and errands/bill-paying so I think it will be hot dogs and potatoes.  Tom brought home a huge pack of hot dogs that I need to use up.  I was going to make macaroni and cheese to go with it, but I'm feeling pretty dragged out today so I think not.

At least the kitchen is still clean so I can find the counters.


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