Monday, November 14, 2011

I shouldn't shop when I'm not strong enough to stay away from the yarn aisle

I was weak.  Vulnerable.  Susceptible to the call of the needles.  I bought yarn today.  I know I need to do penance but I won't.  I'll just knit it up into the cover for my ottoman cube so it looks a bit more presentable.  Plus the original is black and Professor can't see it at night when he wants back in bed so I have to wake up and turn the light on for him.  See?  I bought the yarn so I could get more sleep.

I hurt my back again making up the bed, but the mattress was soooooo comfortable and in spite of the pain, I slept well.  But I think for a while I'm going to keep it as a bed until my back is fully healed.  Or maybe even all winter long until someone comes to visit.  I can surely focus the energy spent on making up that bed/couch for other useful works.  Like knitting.

I didn't wash clothes today because it was all overcast and threatening rain until late afternoon when the sun came out.  I might get some done tomorrow but if not, I'll use the racks to dry the clothes in the house this weekend.  Tom leaves on Thursday for deer hunting and will be gone about 11 days.  I plan on cleaning the house and the car out so we can sell it when Tom comes home. 

I haven't heard anything from anyone on freecycle.  They changed the format from an email group to a website and it's getting little use from the looks of things.  Much more effort to go to a website than to check your mail, I guess.  If I don't hear anything soon, I'll stick it in the the floor, of course...and keep trying to find it a good home.  It's perfect for a hunting cabin.

I'm worn out from the pain...still ever-present although mostly at a level of 4 or 5 most of the time.  At the store today I reached an 8 again while standing in line.  Standing hurts worse than anything else I do.  And I've still got a couple of weeks to go before this resolves itself, apparently.  I have to go to the dr for labs this week but I'm not going to make an appointment for this because I know she'd just send me to the rheumatologist and I already have an appointment with her in January.  I couldn't get one before that anyway so I'll just mention it to the rheumie when I see her.

I think I'm going to make up the bed and crawl into it now instead of waiting for after supper.  It's just breaded fish fillets and french fries and Zach can fix that easily.  I took some more ibuprofen and tramadol when I got home from the store but it's not taken effect yet.  Maybe a hot water bottle and my feet up.  Tom's leg is a lot better today.  Heat and rest fixed him right up.  Me, not so much.



Carol said...

Boy do I know that feeling! I went to Michael's with friends Sunday afternoon. Just went along for the ride. Not to buy anything. But while they shopped, I wandered to the yarn department. So now I have yarn to knit a Ruanna. As if I couldn't have come up with some from my stash.

Kathy said...

I don't dare even enter a store like Michael's. I wouldn't come out unscathed. But, hey! A Ruanna sounds like fun. I wonder if I have enough in my stash to knit one. Hmmmm.....