Sunday, November 13, 2011

We even limp together

I didn't go online at all yesterday.  Didn't even sit in the computer chair or make physical contact with the desk at all.  I stayed in bed aside from a trip to the library and feel a bit better for it.    It does come and go, at times pretty painful, but I'm seeing improvement.  Enough that I'm not going to make an appointment just yet.  All the websites I looked at, including the Mayo Clinic website, said it takes about 3 weeks for it to run its course.  So I'm not panicking yet. The pain is manageable right now although standing for any length of time hurts, and I'm hoping to sleep very well tonight.

Because...we bought a new futon mattress today.  No springs in this one.  And if it only lasts 5 years, like the last one did, it's money well-spent.  I chose blue to go with my area rug.  Plus I'm tired of the brown that seems to be our whole house.  It was on sale at half-price at Shopko so an even better deal.  Now I need to give away the old futon.  It's fine for sitting and if you're not terribly sensitive, sleeping is okay, too.  But if you have aches and pains, then it will be a bother.

Tom had bruised his upper thigh pretty badly at work on Friday so it was good that he didn't work Saturday.  He stayed in bed, moving occasionally to keep the blood circulating, but got up today and went shopping with me to look for an alternative to the futon we have for a couch.  I saw some sofa sleepers but they looked like they would be more of a bother than what we already had so we opted for just a new mattress for it.  But shopping we looked like a pair as both of us were limping on the left side.  And both of us were groaning as we both got in and out of the truck.  We looked at a cane for me, but they were over $20 and I'm not spending that much money for one.  I'll look at the thrift store first.

I fixed supper when we got home and after Tom and Zach brought the mattress in and replaced the old on on the futon. Then I sent Tom upstairs to bed with a hot water bottle and some magnesium and ibuprofen.  Not my bottle, of course.  I hope he feels better tomorrow or work will be an ordeal.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for Zach and me.  I'm not ready to jump in with guns blazing, but between the two of us, we can get the house into some kind of order.  Especially the kitchen.  I've been keeping up with it all weekend even if I can't keep up with any other room in the house.  But the kitchen floor needs mopping most definitely. And laundry must be done tomorrow in order to take advantage of good weather to hang them out on the line.  And the kitchen must be in order for the days when I must use the racks indoors.

I finished up both pairs of fingerless mitts and will work on socks tonight.  I hope to get back to the sweaters this week.  I'll take a break from socks as soon as I finish these two pairs.  Then I need to organize all my stash and patterns so I can figure out something for future products that I will sell.  I bought the second volume of the Barbara Walker knitting stitch dictionaries, which should get here this week sometime.  Then I can get down to some designing or tweaking stuff I've already designed.  Not that I'm a designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I can do socks and gloves/mittens without a specific pattern.  I just need to fine-tune them to make them more interesting.

Also, this week I plan on dyeing my Welsh top singles and scouring my Shetland fleece.  Plus carding the free fleece I've got left to practice on.  It should be a very busy week!  I have the energy but not the capability to do a lot right now.  It sucks how that works out.

Well, off to make up the new futon mattress and crawl into bed and knit away.



Carol said...

The family that limps together stays together? Hope the new mattress helps!

Kathy said...

The new mattress was a dream and a wonderful investment! Plus it brightens up the dark living room. No response on freecycle for the older futon mattress, though. They changed the format and it seems few people are using it.