Saturday, November 19, 2011


The pain woke me up this morning.  Or the dog did.  Not really sure which, but once out of bed there didn't seem to be any pain.  A huge relief that I've been cautiously enjoying.  I was able to make up the couch and get a little work done today with minimal pain.  I'd say it's down to about a 2, which is my normal pain standard anyway.  I do know the fibromyalgia pain was what bothered me last night.  Not the sciatica.   I did take my pain cocktail (3 ibuprofen and one tramadol) after I got done, but mostly as a precaution.  Once the pain is raging, no pain meds will calm it down.  I just hope this is on the downhill slope and I can catch a break.

It's nice to have one clean room in the house since I worked in the living room, de-cluttering and vacuuming/dusting.  By tomorrow I should have two.  And so on.  I'm not going to overdo it.  Although I did work in the kitchen to catch up on the dishes, which I managed to do.  But I am done for the day.  Only knitting for the rest of the night.

I've got two squares done on the cover for the ottoman and one-third done on the third one.  That must be like the seventh son of a seventh son thing.  At any rate, I'm going to work on socks tonight, too, since I need to get those done. Tomorrow I plan on carding my practice wool and trying to keep up with that.  I must get the singles dyed this week while Tom's gone.  With him gone I'll have more room to set up the racks so they can dry.  It's too cold and wet to hang them outside.

I got a dvd from the library on spinning with Maggie Clark and Eunny Jang.  It's a two-disk set and has all kinds of information.  It's one thing to read it and see the pictures.  It's quite another to see them actually spinning and carding and such.

Well, got to go get dressed as I'm out of milk and need to go to the store.


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