Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today is definitely a better day.  Last night was pretty bad, however, as the pain radiated down my left hip and my left thigh, which led Tom to comment that it sounded like sciatica, which one of his guys at work has.  After looking it up online (at reputable sites, not wikipedia) I'm convinced that's exactly what this is.  So Tom has insisted that I do little, rest often and give it a chance to heal.  I've done as much of that as I can, although I had to do shopping today, but the end result has been a definite easing up of the pain.  In fact, I've only taken on tramadol today and that was this morning.  I still hurt and when I start doing too much, the pain increases, but as the corrective solution is rest and anti-inflammatories, I don't plan on going to the doctor unless the pain is back to the levels I had earlier this week.

The big issue, of course, is that sciatica is a symptom, not a condition of its own so there is something that is causing the problem, most likely being the amount of belly fat I carry, which is causing a constant pull on my lower back and spine.  I've been scared enough to get more serious about losing weight, although not to to the degree that I plan on going on some drastic diet.  I'm modifying how and when I eat and have seen an improvement in that area, although not so much in weight loss just yet.  Zach on the other hand has had to tie the belt on his sweats because they're falling off of him.  'Tain't fair!

I'm also convinced that the back pain I had a few months ago was sciatica, too.  This attack being much more painful and lengthy.  For the next few weeks Tom and Zach will be carrying anything that weighs over 10 pounds for me, making up my bed, and generally doing anything that requires me to use my lower back.  I will be resting and doing light work until the pain is gone, then I'll start mild exercising, focusing on strengthening my lower back.

But if I have a recurrence or this flares up again, I will be seeing the dr.  Although I'd like to wait until I see my rheumatologist in January as that's where my GP will send me anyway.

I've been knitting merrily, though, enjoying time on the couch (although I didn't even make up the bed today) and making progress.  I haven't started my inventory yet, as I've got some winter things to finish up for us first.  I started knitting some generic fingerless mitts for myself since I can't find the ones I had last winter.  They're probably in a bag somewhere with the summer stuff.  Don't ask.

But I got a knitting magazine today that had some nice things in it.  I won't buy a magazine unless it has at least 3 patterns I plan on using.  Just a quirky thing since in the past I've bought them for only one pattern only to get home with it to find I couldn't knit that pattern because I didn't have the required wool or some other reason. 

Tonight Zach and I are going to watch Shrek 4 which I've got on dvr while I knit on the mitts.  I'll probably need to knit him a pair, too, since I can't find any of them.  Tomorrow he's going to attack the closet to see what he can find in the way of mittens with flaps.  And hats.  My scarves are on the coat rack where they've been all summer.  I use them for decoration.

Off to lie down while Zach creates a magnificent supper.


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