Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to socks for a bit

I'm back to mostly taking pain pills at night.  The pain in my back, hip and leg has eased off so much that it only occasionally speaks up and ibuprofen seems to do the trick on its own.  Still...making up the bed puts a strain on my back so I have to take it easy.  And I'm not carrying heavy things around for a while.

But sleep was good although accompanied by some strange dreams, one being something about Zach finding a bird that he set beside the bird cage we already had a bird in (we don't own a bird!) and when I walked into the room, noticed the new bird didn't have any food, so I was going to feed it but when I returned to the room it was a baby.  So I decided to breastfeed it.  I'm so glad I woke up from that dream!

My interpretation of that dream is that I need to refill the bird feeders outside.  I'm not going to dissect it any further!

I should have washed and hung out some laundry today but the ordeal of dealing with all that pain has sapped my energy and I've been dragging today.  In fact, I might just go to bed as soon as I'm done with this.  I'm really tired.  Maybe tomorrow I'll do laundry although it will have to hang on racks since it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Still working away on the ottoman covers.  I'm about a third of the way through the fourth one.  I probably won't get much done today as I want to go back to working on socks.  I need another pair so I won't have to wash socks out every other night.  I can do them every third night if I knit up another pair.  Besides, I hate knitting monogamy.

I need to knit up some new mittens with flaps since I can only find one pair from last year.  One of these times I will put things where I can find them and actually label them.  In the meantime, I do enjoy knitting them so it won't be a chore.  Zach is going to start knitting blankets for the animal shelter.  He feels like he should be doing something beneficial.  He knows how to knit but could use the experience and blankets are a good way to get that.  I've got plenty of Red Heart supersaver yarn.  Dogs and cats need a yarn that is durable and machine washable.  And the yarn has to be affordable, too.  RHSS fills that description nicely.

Now I just need him to pick a pattern so I can get him started.  Tomorrow maybe.  I'm going to bed very soon tonight.

I found my sleeping hat but I haven't needed it yet.  After last night, though, I might keep it under the pillow just in case.  I'm going to put another blanket on the bed tonight.  I got a bit chilly last night although when I got up the temp hadn't gotten as low as the thermostat was set.  Which is good for the utility bill. My new sweat pants felt great last night.  Much warmer than my threadbare sets which I've had for about 10 years.  I got them the winter of chemo so it's been that long.  I was due for some new ones.  I also picked up a new sweatshirt.  I do bundle up during the day so I can keep the furnace from working too hard.

Well, off to shut everything down, make up the bed, let Professor out for his wee while I do that.  Otherwise I compete with him on the bed.  Although he's really good at going where I point so I can put the sheets and covers on.  Then cozied up in bed with some hot cocoa I'll knit away on socks tonight while watching my dvr.  Tomorrow I've decided is a day for the spinning dvd.  It's due back on Friday.


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