Thursday, November 24, 2011

The sun sets on Thanksgiving Day

It was a very laid-back day mostly because I was in pain and didn't feel like doing anything.  Still am and still don't.  I did manage to bring the clothes in off the line which I thought would be dry because of all the lovely wind, but the heavy stuff was still very wet.  So I got the racks up from the basement, made room by the heating vents and set them up.  I guess I'm done hanging clothes outside this winter.  From now on one load of clothes at a time and use the racks.  I did it like that most of last winter so I know it can be done.  And in case of need, I'm across town from a laundromat.  I can wash the clothes here and take them there to dry.  Even easier now that I've got a mini-van.

I didn't sleep at all well last night and neither did Zach.  We were both up at 5 a.m.  Him from his incessant inability to fall asleep and me from the pain that woke me up.  I think I'm under-utilizing my pain pills now that I'm through the crisis of the sciatica.  Or maybe all that lugging clothes up the steep basement stairs did me in.  Either way I'll take two pain pills tonight to ensure I get some sleep.

Zach is going to cook supper tonight because he got to sleep in.  I've got a dog that needs to wee occasionally so I had to get up.  And once up, I tend to stay up.  We're having sauce-less spaghetti tonight.  Neither one of us like sauce on spaghetti but Tom does so we always fix it the way he likes it until he leaves.  Then we get it our way.

I didn't get the kitchen cleaned up but I will put a little bit of effort on it tonight after supper.  The dishwasher will be full so I can at least run that.  Tomorrow we have errands to run and to sign the Walker recall petition so I probably won't get a lot of work done.  But I will get something done because I need to cook supper tomorrow night.  I've been doing a lot of thinking as to how I can arrange the stuff on the counters so I have space to cook and I think I've got a plan.  But it involves moving Tom's lunchbox and thermos someplace else.  Still, I need the counter space worse than he needs to have his lunchbox taking up space there. 

I also need to do a small amount of ironing.  When you hang stuff up on racks, they tend to look pretty wrinkled and I never dry Zach's jeans in the dryer so I need to iron them a bit.  While I'm at it I might as well iron my jeans, too.  And creases.

As I said, it's been a laid-back day but I've been knitting a lot while watching the Cooking Channel.  I have no idea why I'm watching it but I'm getting a lot of ideas on how to change our eating habits, although it does involve needing counter space, which is why I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a solution.  I did buy a big cutting board that I can use on the dining table which will extend the kitchen for me, but it's not an ideal solution.  It's big enough I can put it over one of the sinks so that might be a better solution.  I'm thinking of starting a sour dough mixture so I can bake some bread.  I have a bread machine but it only makes one loaf at a time and it's more economical to back multiple loaves.  Plus it's huge and takes up a lot of room on the counter.  Or pantry space where it rests until I use it.

And speaking of pantry, I need to straighten that up, too.  I bought a clamp on desk lamp to use for the back hallway which is pitch dark most of the time, but being a gooseneck lamp, I can turn it into the pantry through a little opening at the back so I can use it there, too.  It's dark in the pantry.  Which actually is the cubby where the old refrigerator used to reside.  The present one is too big for it so I bought some racks that I can slide in and out and use it for the pantry.  I'm planning on putting a curtain over the front so it hides the disaster that it usually is.

All these plans and no energy.  Well, I simply must push through and get 'er done.

I finished up the Ocean socks and started another pair for Zach of plum and light blue.  I frogged my dad's socks because after talking to my mom again, she wants the thin socks and he wants the thick ones so I found a pattern in my stash that seems to have no name but is a simple pattern but pretty.  It's solid color so the texture will make the sock.  I'll make my dad some plain dark blue socks.  He just wears them with his slippers around the house because they're too big to wear with his shoes.  Me, I get my shoes big enough to accommodate them because I wear them all winter long.  And it doesn't seem to bother me during the summer when I wear cotton socks.

I also am nearly done with the fourth side of the ottoman cover.  I'd like to get that done soon.  I'm still using the lava lamp for a nightlight because I tripped over the black ottoman the other night and landed on the floor, which is good because I could have landed on the corner of the table.  I seem to fall every winter so maybe that will be it for me.  It's a whole lot easier falling on carpet than on icy pavement.  I've ruined one knee landing on the sidewalk a few winters ago.  I can't kneel on it anymore.  It also happens to be the knee with the worse arthritis.

I hate falling apart like this.

Well, my fingers are itching to knit some more so I'm off to watch a travelogue to Italy this time.  I'm pretty sure there will be food in the documentary though.


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