Thursday, November 3, 2011

We're never going to win this race

The universe reminded me today that we are still in the can't-catch-a-break category.  The dryer quit.  Fortunately it was sunny today and will be sunny tomorrow provided the weather-guessers can be trusted so I have two loads out drying overnight and will put another load out tomorrow.  I think it's just a belt, which will be easy to replace if we can get the correct belt.  It was a cheap, cheap dryer we bought about 14 years ago but I just can't afford to replace it right now.

As a result of hauling heavy, wet clothes up the steep basement stairs, my dodgy hip is screaming at me to stop and go to bed.  Not going to happen yet but I will postpone the curtains until tomorrow.  And the plastic.  Climbing up and down the step stool won't help my hip much.  I know I should mention it to the dr, but I've already been diagnosed with arthritis in that hip and can't afford a bone scan because it comes off the deductible first and I don't have $600+ that it would cost.  I hope to lose some weight, which I think will help.  It can't be good for that hip to be carrying all this weight on it.

Beans and cornbread for supper tonight and I'm trying to catch up on the kitchen.  I have stuff that must be washed by hand and that's what's slowing me down, but mostly I'm making progress.  The dishwasher just finished and Zach will empty it when the dishes have dried a bit.  Then after I finish the cornbread, I'll eat a bite and make up the couch.  I've had trouble sleeping because of the pain lately so going to bed early makes a lot of sense to me.

My mom's birthday is today so I called and wished her happy, happy.  She would like some thick socks and I'm making Daddy some thin socks so that will make up the bulk of their care package this year.  It's going to be a bit light this year due to getting back into tightwad mode.  Well, triple tightwad mode.  I will admit I feel better when I do this.  Makes me feel like I'm doing my job.

Tonight I'll work on the socks for Mom and Daddy.  I'll give Mom the Ocean socks since I'm okay for now with what I have as long as I wash them out every other night. And really it would be better to do that than to machine wash them.  Plus I'll have to start washing my wrappings (lymphedema) every other night, too, if I end up having to use the clothes line and racks this winter.  I've done it before it's just finding room for the racks that is the problem but since I moved the living room out of the dining room, there is a space in front of the heating vent that is usable plus there is a space in the kitchen right under the heating vent that will work.  I'll just have to move the pet food to a different location.

So, off to make cornbread and go to bed.


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