Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas shopping is done...mostly

Well, Zach's Christmas is done.  Since we didn't get him anything for graduation and because his Christmases have been extremely frugal for the past 10 years or so, we splurged a bit for him.  Not extravagantly by most standards but a lot for use.  Bless his heart he wanted to get me something I've wanted for a long time now:  the entire Babylon 5 series, but I told him this year is his.

I didn't get much done today aside from shopping and I'm thinking of going back because I didn't want to leave his presents in Shrek (our minivan) because 'tis the season for people to break into your car in parking lots so I'll go back and get the few things I didn't get when I was there.  This way I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. I hope.

I had to stop by the library or I would have waited until tomorrow.  I really must wash a load of clothes so I'll do that tonight and hang them on racks tomorrow morning.  No point doing it tonight as there won't be any head coming out of the vents until morning.  I'll kick the heat up a bit to 60F so the clothes will dry.  We've been doing okay with the thermostat sitting on around 56F because we wear layers.  And Zach has a heater in his bedroom to take the chill off since his room stays cold no matter what the thermostat is sitting on.  If I'm busy, 56F is fine.  If I'm sitting on the couch knitting, I have the blanket across my lap anyway so I don't need it up any higher.  Unless it's raining out.  Then I turn it up because the cold just settles in the bones and stays there.

I started a pair of Glomitts, the kind I knit for everyone last winter.  I love them because they keep me warm enough to shovel snow but I can use my fingers when I need to.  I dug into my stash and found a couple of skeins of yellow and a couple of skeins of black Vanna's Choice yarn so I'm knitting them in black and yellow.  My coat is black so they will look good together.  And I have enough to knit up a hooded cowl to go with it for those days when I don't need my lumberjack hat.  I'm using Tom's this year since I lost mine on the night we got stranded and didn't get home until after midnight.  His is fur lined.

I'm still working on socks though.  I'm nearly done with one of Zach's socks and need to get busy on my mom's fingering weight socks.  I really need to stay home so I can do that.

The ottoman already has snags on it from the cat, which is why I didn't use good yarn.  Hannibal has claimed the ottoman as his own although he hasn't, as yet, sharpened his claws on it.  The damage has been from him launching off of it onto the couch.  Luckily between the flecks in the yarn and the mini-basketweave pattern, it doesn't show much.

I'm thinking chili for supper tonight because it's a one-pot meal and I'm feeling really tired.  Maybe too tired to go back to the store, darn it. Maybe a light nap before I do anything else.  Or maybe I'll just make up the couch and go to bed now and let everyone fend for themselves.  Nah...wouldn't be fair to Tom who works long hours.  And I mean long.

So, I'm off to fix supper, start a load of clothes and then maybe go to bed.  I'll go shopping some other time.


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