Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter is here already

Woke up to SNOW!!! Lots of it, although the accumulation hasn't been what was predicted.  Or at least on the lower end of what was predicted.  But it's been snowing furiously all day.  And since it was so cold, I turned the furnace on this afternoon after the temp in the house dropped to 55F.  Even I can't stand it that low during the day.  Plus I can't find my fingerless mitts.

So I've been looking online for some fingerless mitts patterns and found several.  And thinking ahead to making an inventory of things to sell in the future, have been printing out patterns.  And bookmarking pages of patterns I want to give some thought to.

My back is still in the 5 range, down to about 3 with the back support thingy but the fibromyalgia is trying to outscream the back pain.  It's a battle I wish I wasn't participating in.  I have 20 minutes before I can take my next tramadol dose.  I ordered more from the pharmacy since I'm going through my monthly allotment pretty much in total this month.  Normally it takes me 6 weeks to use up my monthly allotment, but this month has been a kicker.  Still, I think it's easing off.  If I'm not better by Monday I'm going in to see the doctor.  I won't mess around with this in case it's more serious than it seems.

In the meantime I'm taking it easy, not doing a lot.  Some cleaning in the kitchen and fixing meals but aside from that, I'm keeping to the bed and limiting my endeavors to knitting on small things that don't require feeling the weight on my hands and shoulders.

I had a really difficult time sleeping last night.  Not so much the pain, just the insomnia rearing it's head, demanding attention as well.  I'm so popular with all my ailments.  And I had planned on going to town today to the library and the store, but didn't want to travel in the first snow of the year.  Considering some people forget how to drive in snow over the winter, I didn't want to be out there for their refresher course.  Staying home seemed the wisest thing to do.

I need to get the kitchen cleaned up a bit because I have to do laundry and need space for the racks so they'll dry near a heating vent.  I have one in the dining room and one in the kitchen that are easy to get to.  But I'm not up for mopping floors tonight so that will have to wait, too.

Right now I'm off to cook spaghetti or something like it and crawl into bed.  Zach will have to make up the bed for me because I think all the work I've been doing has prevented my back from healing more quickly.  Or at least I hope that's it.



Anonymous said...

I can't imagine living with the pain you live with. I hope you find something that finally kicks this crap in the ass.

Kathy said...

Awwww, thanks DM. I was thinking the same thing about your migraines. I can function with the pain but it does wear on you after a while. I'm hoping that rest will do the trick but if not, I'll bite the bullet and go to the dr.