Friday, November 25, 2011

One Christmas present down

Both City Hall and Culligan were closed today so I wasn't able to pay those bills.  I'll go back with envelopes and put them in the slot.  The Culligan bill was due today but they'd better not charge me late fees if they're not open to accept my payment.

I also lost one of my good earrings on Wednesday night.  No idea where; I was so many places.  I hate it because I wear them all the time.  I also really hate the clasps on earrings because they don't stay closed.  I've lost so many good earrings because they just come undone.

We did some Christmas shopping today but only got one gift for Tom.  There were still a lot of good sales in electronics and the baby clothes section but as I'm not in the market for either, I skipped those deals.  Shopping for Tom is very difficult as he has only a few interests and they are extremely expensive.  Plus he already has most of what he needs.  It's just that his wants cost more than a new pair of glasses for me, which I do need.  Like, over $300 wants.  And yet I don't want to get him a gift just to get him a gift.  I want to get him something he will enjoy and appreciate.

This year is Zach's year though.  Every year he gets one gift and Tom gets several so this year I'm getting Tom one gift and Zach several.  I don't know why it always ends up that way but it does. But not this year.  I'm not sure what to get him, but it's going to be more than he usually gets.

Tomorrow will be set aside for cleaning.  I'm back to having the debilitating fatigue again but somehow it's got to get done.  Zach will work on cleaning the car and bathroom while I work on the kitchen and living and dining rooms.  I might have Zach mop the kitchen floor though.  My back is much better but not completely there yet.

I finished up the fourth square on the ottoman cover and started the final one.  I also made progress on Zach's sock but not my mother's.  It's pretty dark in my bedroom and it's a dark teal yarn so I need to reserve that for sunny days.  Which we haven't had for three days.  I'll figure out something.  Zach asked about his Bowser doll but I haven't gotten to it for a while.  It requires concentration and I'm not filled with that right now.  In fact, I'm so scatterbrained right now I worry.

Time to fix something for supper then to bed.  I'm so tired.  I really, really hate this but I don't know which is worse...the pain or the fatigue.


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