Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things are looking up

It was another day that started early and was full of stuff to do.  I got up early after little sleep and took Tom to work so I had the truck.  After a cup of coffee I went to the dealership and got the sales papers.  While filling them out the owner told me that when I called to tell him the credit union had approved the loan, there was a man sitting in the chair across from him wanting to buy the minivan.  He had to tell him that we got there first, but had I not called, he would have had to let him have it since we were only a "maybe" up until that point.  Always, always keep in touch with people you're dealing with.  The fact that I followed through and did the paperwork today gave us more credibility.

And we got the release papers in the mail for the truck today, too.  They no longer hold the lien on it!

Tom has the logistics worked out about the car.  We're going to tow it home unless it's completely a waste, at which point we will either give the car to the garage or call a salvage yard.  I don't want to spend anymore money on it, but if Tom can fix it on his own, then towing it home so he can work on it at his leisure makes sense.  It won't cost us a penny to sit in our driveway all winter.  As long as we can get all the vehicles in the driveway we'll be good.  Can't park on the streets overnight after Monday night.

Although we're betting our neighbor will.  Tom says if he can get by with parking in front of a fire hydrant for months on end, he'll get by with parking on the street during the winter.  There is a couple living there with him, I think, plus his girlfriend so that's 4 cars.  His problem though.  I'm not going to interfere.

I picked up my prescriptions at the store and did as little weekly shopping as possible, getting only bare essentials and it still cost more than I wanted it to.  The pesky prescriptions, even with the co-pay ran $40.  I tried to get a flu shot but the insurance company won't pay.  Well, they "will" but they will charge me more for a co-pay than the shot costs.  I just don't have the money for flu shots right now.  If they have them later, I will.

Although I'll end up with the flu anyway.  I always get it once a year even with the shot.  In fact there seems to be no difference.

I washed a load of clothes but didn't get them out on the line because I had to go pick Tom up at work and by the time I got home, I was wiped out.  Not as tired as he was, but for me, my energy was at an end.  I might hang them out tomorrow.  I need to start putting plastic up.  It was 52F this morning in the house.  I won't use the furnace until the house is winterized and besides, we were busy all day so it wasn't uncomfortable.  But I told Tom to shut his windows on Monday because after the first of November, it's a crap shoot when I'll need to use it.  I try to get close to Thanksgiving but I won't let us freeze to death over a goal.  This winter looks like it's coming early and hard.  I need to be prepared for it. 

It will be nice to be in a car that sits higher off the ground.  The Concorde sat so low to the ground that I would hit pavement on dips, not to mention what it was like driving in snow.  I'm a fairly decent snow-driver if I have a car that handles it well.  The Concorde was a front wheel drive so it handled very well in the snow.  I made sure the Town and Country is fwd, too.  Plus it has new tires on it.

I started a new sock last night with the worsted.  The pattern called for 56 stitches which is way too big for me so I went down to size 2 needles and it looks like it will fit perfectly.  It's cabled so it will draw in a bit anyway.  I love the density of the sock with size 2s so I might make all my socks with that size from now on.  I still have to decide on the fingering weight sock yarn.  I found a pattern and if it works, I'll link to it tomorrow.  Same with the pattern I'm trying with the worsted weight.  Then I really need to get back to the sweaters.  We're going to need them.

Zach has decided to postpone college for now.  Especially since the guidance counselor still hasn't called him back.  Getting back in touch with people at the college was a huge problem before.  It ended up costing us an extra $400 and no internship because his adviser would never answer his emails.  Plus he's talked to an accountant who said that an associate's in accounting from a tech school is practically worthless and he'll be in the same position he was before.  So he's going back to his original plan to volunteer at the library here in town.  He can walk there and back, make connections, get references and hopefully after the first of the year have additional stuff to add to his resume and re-apply at the jobs he's been applying at, and update at all the employment agencies.  Then he can decide if he wants to pursue his real goal of studying sociology.  He's wanted to do that for a few years but figured it was out of reach.  He can also look into online colleges that are reputable and accredited.  It might cost more and take longer but it might be the only way he can get what he wants without accruing a mountain of debt.

And now it's time to make up the bed and crash for the night with my socks.  I haven't slept much since Wednesday night and I'm really tired.  Although I did walk Professor around the parking lot while waiting for Tom (he loves to ride so I take him with me once in a while) and my hip never hurt once, so maybe just moving around, exercising is helping it.  Now to get the excess weight off of it.

Hopefully I'll have excellent news on Monday with pictures of socks, more socks, sweaters and a car.



Carol said...

I am anxious to see the socks. If they can be done in worsted and are comfy, I just might try a pair.

Anonymous said...

Public Radio Stations, the Salvation Army etc. take cars..even non working cars I believe. My local SA will tow cars if they are not running...and you can take an Income Tax deduction.