Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The after stress nosedive

I wasn't going to go anywhere today but after a day of doing absolutely nothing except getting the clothes from the dryer and putting a new load in, I thought I would go ahead and get Tom's bread so I don't have to go out again.  Imagine our surprise when we walked out of StuffMart to snow!  Thick, wet, heavy snow!  It wasn't sticking so that was a bonus and by the time we got to our town,  the snow was gone...or not arrived yet, being east of the town we just left.

And I still don't have all the curtains up.  Which I absolutely have to do tomorrow in addition to putting plastic on the windows.

I think I just caved in to the stress of the past two weeks.  I do fall apart after the crisis.  Never during, which is good, I suppose.  But after I toss the pizza in the toaster oven on timer, I'm making up the bed and crashing for the night.  Some sock knitting to soothe me but an early night, I hope.  I did get to sleep early last night but woke up several times due to the pain.  In fact, woke up this morning in pain.  I didn't take a tramadol though.  I do tend to hoard those for night when I can't distract myself from the pain.  Today I just endured instead of tramadol.  Some days I can; some days I can't.  Tonight I'm just going to go ahead and take one as I crawl into bed so I've got enough time for another one before I go to sleep later.

When I got home I checked the mail and there was a letter from the loan officer with some paperwork he forgot to have us initial but I'm not going back to town tomorrow.  He can wait until Friday.  I've got work to do tomorrow.

But for now, I'm winding down and don't have a lot to talk about so....



Anonymous said...

"I do fall apart after the crisis. Never during"

This is the way I respond to crisis as well. Be gentle with yourself and do what you feel like doing. Then when you feel you've done that enough, ease back in.

That's what I do anyway.

Kathy said...

I do allow myself those days when I can just crash and not do anything but I can't get over the guilt for not handling it as well as I should have. I do need to learn to be gentle with myself more. I'm more of a tyrant with myself. I need a new boss. :)