Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sometimes it really sucks to be us

Having dealt with the problems of an unreliable car that stranded Zach and me multiple times, I thought we were out of the woods by purchasing a newer, more reliable car.  Tom is supposed to leave Thursday for his annual deer hunting vacation so it's extremely important that we have two vehicles up and running.  So he just called me from work.  The truck is on the side of the road in the town he works in.  Dead. 

I gave him the number for the tow truck and the garage will certainly look at it, but I just wonder when we're going to catch a break.  We never have two vehicles up and running for long.  This is getting really frelling old!  Whether he'll be able to go up there on time is up in the air right now, depending on when and how much it will take to fix the truck.

And I have an appointment tomorrow for labs that I will have to get up early and cancel because I can't be in two places at once.  I need the car tomorrow as we have errands that have to be run then but Tom needs to be at work so I'll have to take him.  I'll have to reschedule my labs, which is no big thing except I'll run out of meds before they get back to me.  Yes, I leave things to the last minute.  Just a day or so, but if it goes longer I'll be without them over the weekend.  Not really urgent as I have a substitute prescription I can take for my bp.  And my allergy meds I can get over the counter.  I have enough of my metformin to take me to Sunday so they'd better get back to me by Monday at the latest.

And my back/hip/leg is still hurting...enough that I'm worn out from the pain.  And my eldest just posted about how people who are not experiencing the American Dream are at fault because they just buy too much stuff.  Or maybe it's because they don't get a paycheck that enables them to keep up with the wear and tear on their homes and cars.  Or because they have medical bills that prevent them from enjoying the American Dream.  I chose to ignore him because I don't have the energy to argue with someone who has had relatives bail him out all his adult life.  He really does think he did it all himself.  sigh

I hung out two loads of clothes today with Zach helping by handing me the clothes and the clothes pins and carrying the wet baskets of clothes for me.  I only had room for two loads so I need to get the last load out tomorrow.  We also lugged the futon mattress out to the garage.  No way could Zach carry that himself so I had to help.  Didn't do any favors to my back, I'll tell you, but I did take my pain cocktail of three ibuprofen and one tramadol right afterwards.  But I didn't make up the couch this morning.  Until I'm healed, the couch stays a bed.  I did straighten up the covers though.  I can close off the room should we get any company but that's probably not going to happen.  The only people who show up here are salesmen.

But, to get my mind off of this, at least until 12:30 a.m when I have to go pick up Tom at work, I will be knitting on my ottoman cover.  I decided the pattern wasn't working out for me because I really hate working with thick needles and thick yarn, especially trying to cable without a big enough cable needle.  But also because I was afraid the loose knit of the cover would catch on Professor's toenails (which really need to be trimmed) and he would hurt himself.  So, I went with a size 8 needle and a basketweave pattern, which is really looking good with the flecked yarn.  And I'm making good progress so I should finish it by the weekend.  I hope.  Unless I get stuck with another major problem to deal with.

And I was hoping for an early night tonight.



Carol said...

Sometimes it seems there cannot possibly be one more thing to go wrong. And then you find out there is. Your run of good luck should start any minute now.
I made a sleeveless sweater for my son using Aran Fleck yarn in the basketweave and I really like how it turned out.

Kathy said...

Well, I've been waiting for over 16 years for our luck to turn. I'm overdue!

In spite of this being Red Heart yarn (which I use for toys and home improvement projects)I would consider this particular yarn for a sweater, especially in the basketweave pattern. I haven't used basketweave much because it's so ordinary but with the flecked yarn, it becomes something very much not ordinary.