Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good thing we had warm temps today.

Since I'm still not done with the winterizing.

I will be so glad of the extra hour or sleep tonight.  Not that I'll get to use it, but glad it's there nonetheless.  I didn't sleep until noon today.  In fact, I was up before 10 because of the pain.  I've discovered it's not my dodgy hip after all.  It's my left lower back.  I've messed it up again, most likely hauling that laundry up those steep basement stairs.  Plus climbing up and down the step ladder hanging curtains.  And today putting the plastic on the two windows in the kitchen.

I ended up buying four more panels for the kitchen as I cut the one curtain too short and besides, one panel wasn't enough for that window anyway.  It's wider than a normal window.  I thought I could just pick up three more since I already had one, but I couldn't find any in that color.  So I went with blue.  Nothing in my house has any semblance of a color design, having decorated with early garage sale, but at least my curtains normally match within one room. 

I'm leftover with one long and one short curtain.  Not the one I cut off.  I put that on the back door and I'm not going to put plastic on it this year because of the insulated curtain on it.  I don't have to open it at all so there's no sense in wasting the plastic.  Plus it doesn't do any good anyway.  Same with the front door.  I get so much condensation on the plastic on the front door that the curtain gets wet.  At least this way, I can just wipe it off.  Plus I have an insulated curtain I can cover it completely with at night or on windy days.

Two more windows and I'm done.  The two most difficult are the one over the sink and the one in the bathroom so I'm halfway there. I just hope my back holds out long enough to do it.  I took some ibuprofen this morning but it did nothing much for the pain.  I'm holding out for the tramadol to get me through the night.  I might take a double dose tonight as I'm allowed to do that now and then.

I've turned the heel on the sock I'm knitting my dad but I decided not to continue the pattern past the heel.  I hate it when a pattern has a purl on the first stitch of a double pointed needle pattern.  I never get it tight enough. Plus, he's not going to care anyway.  I still have to get some sock yarn for my mom's socks but no hurry on that.  I haven't been to the yarn store in ages because I hate the parking where they moved.  There's one in another town nearby, too, but again, parking is a pain.  I might just do online shopping.

I'm ready to start the pattern on my Ocean socks that I decided to keep for myself.  I'll make my mom's out of the plum yarn I've got instead of the green.  She likes that color a lot.

And once I'm done with all the winterizing, I'm going back to sweaters and Bowser in addition to the socks.  In a perfect world I would have a pair of socks on the dpns all year round.  And then after I've gotten caught up on the cleaning, I'll get busy with the spinning and dyeing and washing of the fleece.  Washing of the Fleece sounds like a festival, doesn't it?

I saw a really cute Santa suit for dogs today but as I have red yarn and white yarn, I might just adjust a pet coat pattern I have and make one for Professor.  He'll hate it for sure but it will make for a cute picture or two. 

I'm late with supper but Tom is late getting home so that worked out pretty well.  It should be done in about 15 minutes...baked ziti and brussels sprouts.  Nothing fancy but something I could cook while putting plastic on the windows and the curtains up.

Off to get the plates and such out and clear off a space on the dining table so he can eat supper.



Carol said...

I want a robot to do the household chores and cooking. Or at least to plan the week's worth of meals. I hate the planning!

Kathy said...

When you find one, let me know so I can shop there, too! :) I'm not a fan of cooking. Or cleaning for that matter.

Rue said...

Hope you slept in yesterday! I loved that extra hour!

Do take care of your hip. Do you see a chiropractor at all? Mine saves my life, all the time!

Kathy said...

Thanks, Rue, but the pets are still on daylight savings time so I didn't get the extra hour. My mother swears by her chiropracter, but I haven't had a warm relationship with them. Plus our insurance doesn't pay for the x-rays and all chiros demand x-rays before they'll treat you.

I'll talk to my rheumatologist in January when I go back. There was some mild bone loss at my last bone scan so my biggest fear is that it's osteoporosis. Well, actually my biggest fear is that the cancer is back and it's in my hip, but as it comes and goes, I don't think that's likely.

Right now, my pain is in my lower back muscle which is due to my huge stomach so I need to take care of that right away.