Friday, December 2, 2011

Passed my labs after all

I had my six month follow-up to my physical which apparently is a new thing and not me having done badly on my labs.  In fact, my labs were much improved.  To my total amazement as nothing has changed in the way of my eating habits.  But I'll take what I can get.  I got all anxious for nothing.  As usual.  I also got a flu shot while I was there and some cholesterol labs.  I was due at my last labs but they didn't include them which irritated the dr.  Fortunately I hadn't eaten yet so I was able to do the fasting labs.

Unfortunately the appointment was later in the day and I got home after the sun had set, which I think is kind of cool that the sun sets before the doctor's office closes.  But when I went to call Zach to tell him I was heading straight to the store, my phone wouldn't connect.  Instead it told me I needed to either use my credit card or call collect.  So I had to come home and borrow Zach's phone while he called Tracfone to straighten it out.  Turned out they hadn't connected my phone to their service so it was just a phone with no provider.  That would explain why I couldn't get on the internet.  Now I can.  As a reward I upgraded Zach's phone with extra minutes and a year's service.

This season is breaking the bank.

I got another present for Tom because I couldn't see just one little $10 gift under the tree for him.  It's not much but I hope he likes it.  Zach borrowed my credit card for some online purchase but I'm not supposed to peek at my account for a while.  Apparently he and Tom have something set up.  This is supposed to be Zach's year so I hope they haven't spent much on me.

I did get one of Zach's presents today.  I haven't looked at it but I threw it in a corner of the living room where Zach wouldn't notice it.  I'll see it tonight after I make up the bed and close the curtains.  I haven't got the tree up yet.  I'm waiting a while because I get really tired of the decorations and have been known to take the tree and decorations down on Christmas afternoon.  I don't know when I'll put the tree up but I know where.  This year it will be in the living room on the coffee table in front of the windows.  That's the pets' catbird seat but they can spare half of it for the tree.  It's just a tabletop model that I don't even take the ornaments off when I put it up.  I just put it in a black garbage bag and shove it in a closet.  I'm so sentimental.

I finished up my black and yellow mittens with flaps.  And promptly lost one.  It fell our of my pocket but luckily it happened in the living room.  I did an awful lot of backtracking looking for it though.  I made them mirror images because apparently I can't stand symmetry.  All my socks end up like that, too.

I'll be back to knitting on socks tonight now that I have mittens to keep my hands warm.  Must have feet warm, too.  I've got lots to watch on dvr although I've been breezing through my inventory at a faster rate.  I've got dvds to watch, too, but I don't like to get my inventory too high in case I need to accumulate stuff while out of town or something.  Emergencies, you know. Still, I'm spending less time online and more time knitting so that's good. I just need to get busy on my fleece and dyeing my singles so I can ply them.  No idea what I'll knit them up into though.  I suspect Welsh top won't feel good next to the skin.

Tomorrow I'm going to do another load of clothes.  I'm using racks now but I don't have a lot of room to put them.  I just moved the tv off to the side of the dining room so I can see it from the kitchen.  It's so boring cooking and cleaning so if I can keep my mind occupied, I might actually cook more.  And clean more.  But that eliminates two spots for the racks.  Which wasn't ideal because it blocked off the heating vents partially.  I think the living room while I'm in the dining room and kitchen and move them to the dining room when I'm in the living room.  They're very lightweight.  The one in the kitchen won't be in the way so that one isn't a problem.  And I can get a whole load of clothes on 3 racks.  It just takes them about 3 days to dry.  Can't hang them out because snow is predicted.  And it's around freezing.  That wouldn't be a problem if we had a good wind but we haven't had that lately.

Well, pizza is in the oven so I'm off to make up the bed and knit away.  My favorite time of the day.



Carol said...

Congrats on your labs going well! Sometimes that can be a real nail biter.

Kathy said...

Thanks, Carol. Oh, yeah. Especially when they call you into the office without telling you that your labs are okay. I wasn't panicked, but I was concerned. Big relief to know that it was just a routine office visit.