Friday, July 2, 2010

Finished project...and a picture

This is the shopping/library bag I knitted which today got it's first use and it worked very well.  I made it shallower with longer handles so I could sling it over my shoulder and not take the weight of the books on my wrists.  The second picture isn't great but it shows the dimensions better.

I worked out in the yard today donating a lot of blood toward the mosquitoes benevolent fund.  Backbreaking work that hoeing and watering.  Trying to determine which was plant and which was weed wasn't easy in some cases but I hope I made the right decision.  Maybe pictures of the garden tomorrow now that there are green things above ground.  One plant I'm pretty sure is a weed but initially I thought it was a pepper plant.  It's huge.  The best growing thing in the garden.  I'll cut it down once I know for sure what it is.

I need to go out and hang out another load of clothes and bring in the dry load but I need to regroup a bit and try to grow some more blood cells before venturing out there.  I'm going to do a bit of ironing this load as I don't like my good t-shirts to look so wrinkled...and stiff.  Otherwise I wear things as they come off the line.

Tomorrow we take the cans to the recycling man.  We got behind and now have a basement nearly full (yeah, I exaggerate) of bags of cans.  From now on we do this monthly so I don't take up so much room.  I don't know if Tom is working but we'll need the truck for that.  He can take the car for once.

I don't know what was going on last night but someone kept shooting off fireworks.  That or a gun.  Nearby.  There was a children's party across the street and our new neighbor had some friends over in the backyard so it was one of them doing it.  Professor was going ape-uh...nuts...over it barking hysterically every time they did it.  I'm not a fan of fireworks around neighborhoods.

Sunday I plan on shutting the windows except for the ones with fans in them and running background noises as much as I can.  And the pets stay indoors.  A few years ago Hannibal was out in the backyard on his lead and someone walking on the sidewalk by the highway (which is up the hill from our house) threw firecrackers into the yard where he was.  I saw a police car in the neighborhood a while after that so I'm guessing they did that to other people as well.  Since we didn't phone the police over it.

I had labs today and they had trouble finding a vein so I got poked and prodded but no bruising this time.  I hate having blood taken.  The girl who knows my veins best was on vacation but will be back before I need labs two weeks.  At $25 a visit.  That's $100 total for office visit and labs in a four week period.  One hundred dollars I don't have to spare.

Off to fix supper and then to bed because I've worn myself out today. And knitting on both shawls tonight.


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