Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It has been a very productive day but I can barely stand up now.  I woke up at 8:30 a.m., immediately got out of bed, dressed and hooked Professor's harness on and went walkies with him.  Then I took down 2 loads of clothes from the line and added 3 more over the course of the morning.  I straightened up the kitchen and then Zach and I headed out to the library and some shopping.

I ran into someone I knew (how rarely that happens!) and talked to her for about 15 minutes and then had to get out of there to get home because I could no longer bend my knees at that stage.  Now my poor arthritic knees are yelling at me for not treating them better.  I took some ibuprofen but I suspect I'll have to add some tramadol if I want to get the clothes off the line.

I should have paced myself better but I so need to get things done.  Tomorrow I have to hoe the garden and tie up the tomatoes and plant some lettuce.  And Professor needs to be walked daily as he's waddling these days.  So am I but it's going to take more than morning walks with the dog for that.

I worked more on the...tabard thing...last night  It's coming along but there is so much to knit that eventually it's going to be too hot to knit on for a while.  Then I should move to another project, like dish cloths or maybe even sketching.  Vicki was asking about my pencil sketching/painting.  I'm going to pick them up tonight for a while.  I miss doing them but I just am so tired at the end of the day my brain doesn't work anymore, but you've inspired me to get back to it.  Thanks.

I need to get some pictures of my projects and the garden but let me hoe it first, otherwise you won't know what's a plant and what's a weed.  I'm not sure I completely know.

Short entry today but I've got to get outside and get the laundry.  Then there is supper to start and clothes to fold and put away.  I did way too much today for my stamina.  I'll pay for this tonight.


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