Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good intentions

I got a package out today to Tana.  I don't know why but the post office and I have an aversion to each other in that I procrastinate to the nth degree mailing stuff.  Which bodes ill for me setting up an online store, doesn't it? 

I plan on tomorrow being an outdoor day, getting up and working in the garden first thing.  It's time to weed and plant lettuce and fertilize the tobacco plants.  I hope to get some branches burned for the tobacco as well.  They like ashes for some reason.

Today, however, will be an indoor, knitting and cleaning day...what's left of it anyway.  I have more energy today in part due to finding the errant earring.  In the car.  Under the seat.

I found the canvas bag I use for the library, too.  Of course, now that I've finished up the shopping bag. 

I started a shawl out of the brown yarn I got on sale.  I love the color and the texture even if it is cheap acrylic.  One of these days I'll move onto wool but for now my budget is acrylic.  It's Caron Simply Soft Eco and I do like it.  It's sturdy enough to withstand my endless frogging so it has to be pretty darned good.  I can't remember the name of the pattern but it's a scarf pattern knitted in sport yarn.  I figured knitting it in worsted would give me a shawl and I was right.  I love how it's turning out.  Pictures in a week or so on it.

I know I said we would be in tightwad mode but I had to buy a new tablecloth so I bought one to match one set of kitchen curtains.  I could have gotten the placemats in the design of the other curtain but I didn't like the quilting on them.  Besides, they were $2 more per placemat.  So I got some in the color of the other curtain.  The plastic tablecloth I have on there now is wearing out at the edges so bad that it will be worn through in a week's time.  Tom and his elbows, don't you know.

And now I really do have to go into tightwad mode.  Super tightwad mode.

Tom is going up north to the land he shares with his siblings this weekend to get away.  Probably taking the tent.  In a couple of weeks he's heading up to his brother's cabin.  He invited me along but I just don't sleep well away from home.  Plus I'm self-conscious about having one breast but I can't sleep in the prosthesis and wearing it all the time is torture.  Well, not torture, but very uncomfortable and sometimes painful.  He needs to get away from home though.  And it doesn't offend me at all that he needs time away from me.  I know what I'm like to live with.

I plan on getting the bathroom walls scrubbed this weekend and maybe even painted.  If not this weekend, I'll paint them when he goes to his brother's.  Then he can put the wainscotting on once I've accomplished that.  I'd love a new bathroom surround but that's out of reach for now.

Off to put my feet up for a bit before fixing supper.


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