Friday, July 16, 2010

Stream of consciousness Friday

I mowed today because Zach has a very painful problem with his foot and can't walk on it for a day or so longer.  The weeds/clover were nearly knee-high so it was past time.  I can see the garden again.  But I didn't get it all done.  The faery garden still needs mowing and Zach has said he'll manage that tomorrow.  Which is good because I don't think my knees and hips could handle more hills.  We have several steep hills in our yard which is why I no longer mow the steepest one.  It has become my prairie garden although nothing but weeds and daisies grow there so far.  I did capture something purple this year and hope it propagates next summer.

I still haven't planted my herbs and flowers.  I'm just such a wimp when it comes to heat.  I'll be outdoors plugging away in sub-freezing temps but I just can't manage anything over 75 F.  Another reason why I love Wisconsin so much.  We might get some heat but our summers are shorter and our winters are longer.  Of course, paying heating bills sucks big time though although if Tom doesn't get his pay back we might not have to worry about that because we won't be able to afford any heat.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

I'm hoping to get some cleaning done this weekend as it's too hot to work outdoors much and Tom is gone up north to be with his brother.  Fishing, target practice...that kind of thing.  I often wonder what it's like to have a vacation since all of mine involve me cleaning and cooking somewhere else.  I've never actually had one where I didn't have to do anything but enjoy myself.  Maybe someday.

StuffMart discontinued their Peaches & Cream cotton yarn.  If I had known I would have beskittled myself to the store and bought a bunch, especially as it was on sale.  Alas, it is all gone now.  The cashier told me there is a new yarn store opened up in downtown Beaver Dam but the downtown area has crappy parking so I never go there, except to get a Harry Potter book at midnight one year.  After that I went to StuffMart to get them because it was more fun.  Everyone at the bookstore just sat around staring into space and not talking.

I think Hobby Lobby has some Sugar & Cream but West Bend is a good drive away from here and I doubt they have the cones, which is what I used to buy.  I'll have to see if buying online is that much costlier because I plan on making things to sell and don't want to have to either raise the price beyond what people would buy or just break even, which kind of defeats the purpose of knitting stuff to sell.

Interestingly, there is a discussion on Ravelry about copyright laws and the consensus from the Copyright office is that finished objects don't fall under copyright nor do disclaimers from designers constitute a binding agreement thereby forbidding people from selling stuff they knit from other people's designs. can sell stuff you knit from people's designs as long as you're not selling the pattern or claiming credit for the design.  I suspected this all along because all that intellectual property spouting never made sense to me since I can bake cookies from a recipe and sell them and the precedent is exactly the same.

I can't begin to count the amount of money I lost by not knitting items for people who have asked me to.  I feel a bit cheated and bullied to tell the truth.  The notion that someone has authority to tell me what I can or can't do with my knitting to the degree that they are costing ME money really pisses me off.

Rant over.

I frogged the project I was working on because, while the gauge was right on, the finished result was too stiff and thick.  I went up one needle size and really like the weight and feel of it and it won't be too big.  It's not like I can't use the extra yardage anyway...although it would be nice to lose a few pounds before winter.  I'm not sure if I'm going to finish the Tree of Life afghan because I'm just not crazy about it.  But as I haven't exactly made up my mind, I'm not going to frog it.  I'll wait and see how I feel later.

I have been looking at some cable pullovers because Ballykissangel has me wanting to knit something Celtic.  All those lovely sweaters on each and every show makes me drool with yearning.  I probably need either professional help or a bigger yarn budget.  I can use some of the yarn I got on sale the past year to make at least 3 sweaters so I'm good to go this year.

Well, I think I need to go prop my feet up and knit a bit while watching Bally-K because I'm aching in a big way from the mowing.  It wouldn't hurt to take a pain pill since I'm in for the night.  That way I don't wait for it to blossom and I'm writhing on the bed trying to find a position that feels better.

Besides, the window fan is right next to the bed and it's still very, very hot.


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