Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lazing in the summer heat

It's not excessively hot but I am excessively lazy today.  I didn't sleep a lot this weekend (and what else is new) but since there is no place to go I've been taking naps, lying back on the bed knitting while watching Hamish Macbeth amongst other things.  And just plain resting.  This is as close to a vacation as I'll ever get.

I am still doing laundry, dishes, cooking and straightening up, of course.  I never get away from all that.

It's the fourth of July everywhere, but here in the old USA we're celebrating our independence from England.  Being a huge Anglophile, I question whether that was a good idea but not wanting to be tarred and feathered by the rest of my countrymen, I'll agree that at the time, it was the best thing to do. 

There is no perfect country out there and while I do drool over greener pastures I still love my country very much...warts and all.  What I don't do, however, is make a huge show of patriotism.  We have the flag flying but I don't do red, white and blue paper plates and napkins.  I won't wear red, white and blue clothing, except by accident and I don't like fireworks in the neighborhood.  I think the public displays are great but my pets don't appreciate firecrackers and other incendiary (and explosive) devices going off for days prior to and after the big event.

Another reason I get little sleep this time of year.

I also hate the more-patriotic-than-thou attitudes amongst certain politically minded people out there who are intent on proving that their political persuasion is the only patriotic choice out there.  Particularly when most of them haven't served in the military and I have.  And how criticizing the President was traitorous in the last administration and yet agreeing with the President has become traitorous in this one.

But I personally choose to celebrate this great day in our history by doing very little labor and knitting a great deal. So I am off to do my patriotic duties.


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