Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday is just another day

My knees are still screaming at me and I'm taking it personally.  The right one feels swollen although it doesn't look like it but it still feels hot to the touch today and when I bend it, it feels bigger than the left one.  Always after you've been to the doctor, right?

I got the tomatoes tied up this morning after Professor woke me up at 7 a.m. to go lie on the front porch and survey his kingdom.  I found a huge weed that wasn't a pepper plant that had grown up around one of the pepper plants.  The leaves were very similar in shape so it fooled me for a while.  It looks like I'll have green beans before long.  I'm hoping to get some lettuce planted this weekend but the garden is pretty muddy right now and we're supposed to have heavy rain tonight and tomorrow morning so I don't want to plant seeds that will get washed away.  I'll wait until Sunday.

I am getting used to waking up early and starting to like it because I'm sleeping better.  I've been crashing around midnight I am getting a little bit more sleep but I'm getting deeper sleep as well.  It's time to start the walking and exercising now.  I was extravagant and bought myself a new mp3 player because Tom's won't accept the podcasts I listen to, plus this one has an FM radio on it in addition to playing videos.  No, I'm not going to watch videos while I walk.  The library has e-books I can download so I can listen to books on this as well.  It was on sale and only a few dollars more than the mp3 player I bought Tom a few years ago.  Plus when I get all healthy and everything from the walking I'll be doing, it will be a great investment.

I've got two appointments on Tuesday so I'm going to have to do the basement on Monday.  Or I might get some done this weekend as well.  I've got labs and my two different cities.  I wish I had everything within a reasonable range but I do like the people at St. Agnes Hospital/Clinic so it's a trade-off.  While I'm up there I'll make my appointment with the surgeon for my annual cancer check up.  I can usually get in the same week but I do have a couple of weeks' worth of medicine left if I can't.  My labs will suck this time because I've been really bad with my eating and not exercising.  Which means I'll get a talking to from the doctor.

It's muggy right now from all the rain yesterday and this morning.  I can't imagine paying for air conditioning but it would be nice now and then to have some relief from the heat and humidity when the heat index creeps up toward 100 F.  It does wear me out.  Another reason to get rid of this extra acts like a winter coat.

Homemade macaroni and cheese for supper tonight.  I like using the toaster oven rather than the big oven because it doesn't heat the house up so much and uses less electricity.  It does limit me at times but I've been mostly using the toaster oven for about 3 years now so I should be used to it.

I started Yggsdrasil last night.  Getting started was a pain as the dpns kept falling out so I ended up using a circular needle and knitting back and forth until I had enough stitches on the needle to manipulate better.  I'm not sure how it's going to turn out or if I will be able to manage it but I'll give it a go.  I'm not going to do the full afghan because I probably don't have enough yarn but I'll do the smaller version.  The Sweeping Statement is coming along as well, slowly but steadily.

I had heard that StuffMart was going to stop selling Peaches & Cream cotton yarn and when I went last week to see, the shelves were empty.  I was lamenting until I went down the aisle today to visit and pet the yarn, as I usually do, and saw that they had Sugar & Cream cotton yarn now.  I can live with that.  Now if they would just stop filling the shelves with Red Heart yarn and put up more Caron and Lion Brand.

Well, I'm off to start supper and then I'm going to put a cold pack on my knee and go to bed to knit and watch Ballykissangel series 4 from the library.  I also got Foyle's War and Brideshead Re-visited.  Plus I haven't started watching True Blood this season yet.  And Haven is on Syfy tonight.  I should get tons of knitting done.

I also got a book on drawing and painting from the library because Vicki is encouraging me to get back to that and she's right.  I need to keep up with it if I'm going to be any good at it.  Same as any talent.

But tonight is for knitting.


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