Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wild Weather

What a storm.

Zach had to send his Wii off for repair so we went to town to the UPS Store and we were going to take a few side trips to the library (Ballykissangel series 4 is in) and pick up an item or two at StuffMart but before we could get there the sky opened up and it was a deluge.  We sat in the parking lot for a while, debating what to do and waiting for it to ease up a bit but it didn't show signs of stopping.  So...we headed home with the defroster on full, the wipers on full and still didn't have good visibility.  I kept finding myself in flooded parts of the road that I couldn't see until I got there.  And our car sits very low to the ground.  I was afraid of getting stuck in the water or not having brakes on the other side.  Fortunately we got home just minutes before the tornado warning expired.

We listened to the radio on the way home and kept track of where the cell was and decided we weren't in immediate danger.  I got home to find that two windows were open and it had rained in a lot.  Otherwise we were wet but unharmed.

I could go back to the library now but I think I'll wait.  I didn't get much sleep last night for the pain in my knees (arthritis) and other aches (fibromyalgia.)  Today the knees are screaming bloody murder so I took some ibuprofen and a tramadol.  As tired as I am I shouldn't drive with the tramado so I waited until I got homel.  Normally it doesn't make me sleepy but I was already sleepy to begin with.  So...I don't drive on those occasions.  If I have to drive, I don't take the tramadol.  I've been taking them for long enough that I know when I shouldn't take them and when it's okay.

The nurse at the rheumatologist asked me the other day if my knees ever got so bad I wanted go gnaw them off.  I laughed and said it never got that bad.  I spoke too soon.  Movement today has been really bad.  As a result I've gotten little done and supper will consist of bacon and eggs...easy to fix and everyone fixes their own.

Ah...the sun is out.

I'm going to have to tie up the tomatoes tomorrow.  The rain was so hard today they're drooping but my knees are telling me not to bother...they'll be okay until tomorrow.  My zucchini is looking good.  I should have plenty but not too much.  I'm a big zucchini eater so it takes a lot for it to be too much.  I should plant some romaine lettuce tomorrow, too.  I've only got two pea plants growing so I have enough room for several heads of lettuce.

I'm going steady on the Sweeping Statement, with a different insert besides the honeycomb cable.  It should be nice and warm this winter since it covers me from my knees up, as long as I belt it.  Otherwise I'll keep tripping on it and stretching it out of shape.  I'm also going to knit a cabled sweater, crochet a shawl and knit the Yggdrasil afghan.  At least that's my plan.  It should keep me pretty busy through Thanksgiving.  Plus the dishcloths I plan on knitting as well.

Well, the tramadol is kicking in and I'm going to go start supper.  Tonight will be another early night I hope.  I got up at 6:30 a.m. because it started raining and I had a shirt on the line and the car windows were down.  After that I just couldn't get back to sleep. 

I had hoped to get the kitchen scrubbed down but my knees say, "no way."


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