Monday, July 12, 2010

Another week begins

When I don't need to do laundry, it's sunny.  So you guessed's been rainy off and on the past 3 days and today has a promise of rain as well.  I really don't want to use the dryer but I'm running out of clothes so I'll give it another day or so and then wash anyway.

Good for the garden though.  I've got around 7 green tomatoes on the vine.  I haven't tied them up yet but they are staked and leaning on the post so they're off the ground at least.  The tobacco is growing really well. I pinched off the flowers on one plant so far and will look to catch the others as they flower.  Zucchini, of course, is flourishing although no flowers on it yet and the peas and beans are growing, too.  I ripped out the faux pepper plant as it was nearly 3 feet tall and I'm pretty sure they don't grow that big.  It's a weed apparently.

And I still haven't gotten the herbs planted.  I was just so tired all weekend after cleaning Saturday.  I am going to try to at least get the pots ready today.  I'd like to plant some sage, lavender, basil and parsley for now.  And get the echinacea in the ground somewhere.  I think they'll grow best out back because my front garden doesn't seem to grow stuff very well.  It's cooler today, at least it's cooler now.  It might get hotter later along with some humidity when the rain comes in again.

Today will be a day of errands.  I did manage to stay home all weekend.  It's been 3 days since I've gone to the store but I must go today as I have another prescription in.  The bane of my shopping existence since they don't come in on the days I need them to.  But I plan on sticking to the list this time.

Ah, the sun just came out.  Dare I risk a load of clothes on the line?  Probably not yet anyway as Tom will be taking his shower soon and you can't wash clothes and take showers at the same time in this house.  Ah, well.  I still have enough for another day or so.

I finished up the first season of The Mentalist last night.  I really liked it but I do much better watching a season all at once instead of watching it weekly.  So many things go wrong:  I miss an episode and lose the momentum of the storyline, I get interrupted by a phone call or a dog that needs to go out RIGHT NOW, or the network decides to change times on it without notice because something else is on.  That's why I love the dvds.

Now I'm going to try Lie to Me and hope I like it as well. 

I got some knitting and spinning done over the weekend.  The Tree of Life afghan is coming along nicely.  The pattern isn't too hard and my knitting doesn't look too bad.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm  not a fast knitter and don't want to be.  I watched a show on PBS the other night and the woman was knitting so fast that you could barely see her needles.  I guess the reason I don't want to be that fast is because I'm a process rather than project knitter.  I love knitting and the end result is just bonus.  Which is good since I've been doing a lot of frogging lately.

I definitely need to get out and walk today.  Professor is so chubby that he's having trouble getting over the threshold in the front door.  It is a bit taller than the steps but he used to hop up onto the bed and now can barely make it over the threshold.  Granted, he's had some leg problems and that might be part of it.  Still, it would only strengthen his legs to walk more.  And do me a world of good as well.

Well, I need to go blow dry my hair and get some other stuff done.


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