Monday, July 19, 2010

The mini-vacation ends

This weekend has been a laid-back, restful one in which I got some things done but didn't knock myself out doing them.  I did some weeding, some minor cleaning and some reading, knitting and writing.  Very little cooking's as close as I get to a vacation.

I frogged back on the Sweeping Statement project I was working on because all that honeycombing was taking forever and not friendly to my hands and wrists.  So I changed the insert area to a leaf pattern I got from my Barbara Walker stitch dictionary...wefting leaves or something like that.  I like it and the knitting is going much faster now.  I might actually finish this before winter at this rate.

I still haven't decided what to do with the Tree of Life afghan.  I'm looking again at the Yggdrasil again.  But only the center section.  I don't have enough yarn or long enough needles to do the next part.  I've got to use up what yarn I've got and not buy anymore, even at sale prices, because we are in triple lockdown mode financially.  Taxes are due at the end of this month.

I slept in this morning.  Professor woke me up at 8:30 a.m. wanting out so I let him out and then went back to bed after he came back in.  I have to drive up to Fond du Lac for a doctor's appointment today and didn't want to get sleepy on the way up there, especially in this heat...and front windows that don't roll down.  And no air conditioning.  The truck has a/c but other than that we haven't had a vehicle with a/c since we moved here.  All the vehicles we buy used apparently were sold because the a/c went out.

Had a bit of a miracle over the weekend.  I was working in my area behind the garage that we have designated the Faery Garden and went to put the solar lights back in the ground and found the keys Tom lost about a year ago.  I'm giving credit to the faeries as we had just been talking about them taking and bringing back items such as keys but I'm sure Tom won't agree with me.  That's okay.  I know it was the faeries.

Zach and I are experimenting on a vegetarian diet again, trying this time to keep each other built up instead of enabling.  He's planning on eating meat once a week but I'm doing this largely for ethical reasons so I'm going to try to stay on plan.  I'm going to fix it so I make a veg meal and Tom can just cook his own meat because that's my it.  Zach can cook the weekly meat meals he plans on eating that way I'm not handling meat so much.  It would be good for me physically as well.  I desperately need to get this weight off before I shorten my life more than it's already been shortened.

I need to schedule my mammogram and surgeon's annual visit today while I'm up there.  I should have done it already but I'm not terribly behind.  Just a couple of weeks off.  I hate all these visits because they all cost the co-pay and all that adds up.  Another reason to get healthier so I can keep some of the costs maybe get off some of the medication.  I'll be taking the cancer meds until I die probably, unless they find something better or determine there is no value to it.  They are so new that no one knows the long term effects yet.

Time to start getting ready for my hot and boring trip up there.  At least this visit will be over with for another 6 months.


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