Friday, July 9, 2010

Aren't you tired of me being tired?

It wasn't cooler today at all.  Less humid, yes.  But not cooler.

And I'm really tired of being tired.  I know I've said this many times and you're probably sick of hearing it but I have things I want to do and I can't get the energy to do them.  I keep thinking that I just need to push myself to get started and once started, I'll be able to do things.  But it doesn't work out that way.  I push myself and I still can only work for a few minutes before I'm completely out of energy.

Shopping is exhausting these days and I'm beginning to hate it.  I'm trying to limit myself to one trip a week, for frugal reasons as well as time and energy.  But something always comes up and I end up making 3 or 4 trips a week.  To the library, the store, to get prescriptions, etc.

I've got some doctor appointments coming up in addition to my mammogram.  Seriously I want to just go to bed and stay there.  All my appointments are in Fond du Lac, a 50 minute trip or so.  Each way.  In a car that's not air conditioned with windows that don't roll down.  In the middle of the day.

I have to get laundry done tomorrow and the weeding is way overdue.  The garden needs attention, too.  If I don't get out there soon the tomato plants will be lying on the ground and the soon-to-be tomatoes will rot.  I'm going to have to water tomorrow since it didn't rain yesterday as predicted.

I barely knitted anything last night because I was so tired.  I know there are things I could do that would help.  I just need to start doing them.  That would involve all the energy I now possess though so little else would get done initially.

Tom has a turnaround tonight from work.  He has to go in tomorrow morning after working late tonight so I'm trying to fix a supper that he can just eat all at once.  I'm cooking baby lima beans with a ham bone I had in the freezer.  I'll fix some corn bread to go with it and a veg so that should balance him out.  I made enough for lunch tomorrow, too.

Well, enough whining.  I'm going to lie down while the beans cook.


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